10 Tips To Eat, Move & Live In The Best Way Possible

As a primary care clinician, former restaurant owner, Ironman, yogi and and a student of the good life, I have watched and learned from thousands of patients, clients, customers and fellow travelers. Mostly, I'm interested in learning how we can live with greater purpose and passion so that we can create the life of our highest expression.

Here are 10 things I tell my patients to help them thrive:

1. Taking care of yourself is the first step in taking care of others.

Being the best version of you can serve’s to inspire a revolution: vitality, fulfillment and joy are contagious. Loving yourself can be a catalyst for others to step up and do the same.

2. Your kitchen can be your primary pharmacy.

Choose to build, leverage and release your own arsenal of awesome through the power of food. Whole, clean and nutrient-dense foods can serve to support optimism, resiliency, creativity, peace and power.

3. Eat with the end in mind: how do you want to feel after a meal?

My guess is you'd like to feel awake, centered, confident, aligned and ready to express your personal best. Feed your head first, your body second, and your emotions a distant third.

4. Forget Advil. Find purpose.

Optimism, meaning and purpose are anti-inflammatory. Your DNA performs brilliantly “living” under the influence of passion showing up as purpose.

5. Sweat every day. Motion creates positive emotion.

Sweat your prayers every day. All motion creates positive emotion — embrace movement with gratitude and allow its power to nourish your daily mission to be on fire with purpose and passion. Sweat is the penance you pay for being, feeling and expressing brilliance and beauty in your living.

6. Study your “best” life.

Be disciplined about this! Study and “take notes” on the experiences when you feel most alive, aligned and at peace. Design a living curriculum that embodies the lessons of living very well.

7. Love wins but you must be present to win.

Mindfulness and meditation are the primary currency for happiness, peace and lighter living. Be still long enough to remember how good you are and bit longer to not forget upon moving again.

8. Your inner atmosphere creates your outer weather.

Living from the “inside-out” vs. the “outside-in” will support you in navigating your life’s path with less drama and more peace. Give yourself an occasional tech detox and "media fast" to reset and restore your energy.

9. Be, demonstrate, and express the change that you wish to see in the world

Most of us respond very well to the power of witnessing a life of purpose rather than hearing about it. Start where you are; practice one act of courageous serving, sharing and caring and grow from there!

10. Remember: we are alive to the degree that we serve.

Choose to show up and serve with your heart out loud. Our DNA thrives under the influence of service and your living demonstration of giving well.

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