13 Signs You're Ready To Start Your Own Wellness Business

Written by Emily Nolan

Chances are, if you're reading this, you know that you're ready to start your own wellness business. But like all of us closet validation seekers, you're waiting for someone else to tell you that yes, it's time, and you're ready. So here you go: 13 sure-fire signs that you're ready to turn your passion for wellness into a business.

1. Going to your day job makes you feel like you’re wasting time.

And you can't hide your true colors — everyone at work is asking when you’re going to take the leap.

2. You get up shockingly early on weekends.

That's when you have the most time to build your dream career. Ironically, you don't even need an alarm for that — living your passion makes you bolt out of bed.

3. You define success by how much you can help others.

You know that success is not just a financial reward; it's also measured by how many people you touch.

4. Ideas for passion-driven projects are bubbling out of you.

Ordinary experiences are transformed into business brainstorm sessions. You're taking notes after savasana of all of the ideas that flowed through you during yoga class. At CrossFit, you love telling your friends about your latest business ideas.

5. You have a pregnancy glow and your friends are wondering if you have news.

You do have news, but it's not what they think! You’re an all-around happier person knowing that one day, you’re going to have this special business that fulfills you and serves others.

6. You’re tweeting quotes by motivational and wellness gurus.

Your social media feeds are chock-full of yoga positions, inspirational quotes, and smoothie recipes.

7. You’ve started a blog with at least one of these words in the name: kind, green, love, yoga, organic, or vegan.

And you're regularly speaking at festivals and fairs on these topics!

8. You don't yet have paying clients, but your friends are already coming to you for advice.

Forget about charging them in the future — that's OK, they're your best PR in the community.

9. You realize that now is a good time to make friends with folks in Accounting.

You just found out that you'll have to pay taxes even if your business model is giving back to the world? (Doesn't the IRS have a coupon code for spiritual people?) What’s this W9 thing?

10. You have a mantra, a food allergy and a favorite yoga teacher …

… and so do all of your friends.

11. Your email signature says, "No gluten or added sugars all month woohoo, ask me about it!"

And people really DO ask you about it.

12. Your parents will never understand why you got such an expensive degree.

Sure, your annual salary is going to be less than what you spent on tuition. But you gotta start somewhere! And besides, you're willing to sacrifice short-term profits so that long-term, you can run a thriving business that actually helps people.

13. The idea of working from home in yoga pants makes the world seem right.

Besides, they're so much fancier than your PJs.

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