How To Manifest Financial Miracles

I’ve come to believe that financial success, especially for women, is not just a practical process but a spiritual journey of personal growth. I’ve even coined a word for this work, Metafiscal — a melding of the spiritual and the practical in regards to money.

As you develop trust in the inexplicable forces of the Universe, and engage in self-reflection along with studying the mechanics of money, you'll see that financial success becomes a transformational journey. It empowers you to do what you’re put on this planet to do. When you're pursuing your soul’s purpose for your own bliss and the benefit of others, while being richly rewarded, I call this “Sacred Success.”

Let me introduce you to four principles that will help you achieve Sacred Success:

1. Money and power are intrinsically linked.

I’ve known ever since I wrote my first financial book for women that our difficulties with money have far less to do with money than with our fear of (or ambivalence about) power.

Think about it: There’s no better way to limit your power than by lowering your earning potential or by mishandling, neglecting, or ignoring your money. The problem is this: we don’t understand power from a feminine perspective. A powerful woman is someone who knows who she is, knows what she wants and expresses that in the world, unapologetically. Essentially, our fear of power is our fear of becoming who we truly are.

2. Our financial foundation is only as strong as our individual integrity.

I believe our world is moving into a whole new paradigm where integrity is sacrosanct to success. Look back at the last financial meltdown—banks lending money to people buying houses they couldn’t afford; supposedly smart people, industry insiders, buying “toxic” derivatives they didn’t understand, fudging the rules or blatantly ignoring them. Without integrity, no one is too big to fail. With integrity, no one is too small to soar.

The word integrity comes from a Latin root, meaning wholeness or entirety. Integrity demands that your words and deeds consistently reflect your deepest truths, highest aspirations, and most cherished values.

Power without integrity is provisional at best and often destructive. Whenever you’re untrue to yourself — not saying what you need, rationalizing your behavior, telling half truths or flat out lying (especially to yourself) — you’re giving away your power.

Ultimately, claiming your power is an act of individuation, distinguishing what's true for you (versus what's been artificially imposed), letting go of what no longer serves you. Admittedly, this requires constant vigilance. It’s as easy to slip out of integrity as it is for a dieter to slip in extra calories, never even realizing that’s what you’re doing.

3. Power comes from one of two sources: fear or love.

Each source of power has a distinctive voice. The Ego is the voice of Fear, or false power. The Soul is the voice of Love, or true power. The question to keep asking yourself: Which source am I plugged into?

Here’s how you know. The Ego’s job is to keep you safe which it learned very early in life, helping you avoid punishment, rejection, or disapproval. The Ego craves the comfort of the familiar. It’s threatened by the capriciousness of the unknown. The Soul doesn’t care about protecting you. Its job is to make sure you soar. The Soul will just as soon shove you off the cliff, if that’s what it takes, knowing full well you’ll fly. The Ego focuses on your flaws. The Soul reminds you of your gifts.

The Ego urges you to hide. The Soul insists that you shine. The Ego always speaks first and loudest. Don’t even try to muffle it because that’s part of its devious plan. The Ego depends on the distraction of addictions — from alcohol or drugs to overworking, overeating, overspending — anything to prevent you from surrendering to stillness.

The Soul, which is quiet but persistent, requires you to be silent and listen. Only in stillness can you make out its muted whispers pointing the way to financial miracles by pushing you out of your comfort zone. The Edo, tasked to keep you safe, abhors the capriciousness of the unknown. Yet that’s where success in anything — earning more money or losing more weight — always lies. Making the distinction between Ego and Soul is the ongoing challenge of Sacred Success.

4. Financial success hinges on our ability to receive fully.

Receiving is to our Soul what eating is to our bodies — a source of strength, nourishment, and growth. There are three steps to receiving: (1) Acknowledge, (2) Appreciate, and (3) Assimilate. When you don’t fully engage in each of the three steps, you starve your Soul.

Yet how often do you gloss over words of praise or gratitude, without really absorbing or appreciating them fully? But here’s where it gets tricky. Many gifts come camouflaged and are easily overlooked. To receive fully, you must suspend judgment. Nothing that happens is "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong."

Everything, absolutely everything, is useful information — a sign, a message, or a lesson.

This is counterintuitive, for sure. It’s easy to receive a compliment from a friend, but a reprimand from your boss? This too can be a gift when you mine it for its deeper meaning. In Sacred Success, to quote a Zen proverb, the obstacle is the path. On the other side of obstacles is where financial miracles tend to hide.

Every problem is, in truth, a source of guidance, support, and strength building. For the next four months, try applying with these Metafiscal Principles to your daily life. Then expect miracles. They’ll be there.

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