7 Ways To Feel More ALIVE

No matter if you want to fall in love, feel fulfilled and excited by your job, or energetic and fit in your body, it all comes down to the same thing: you want to feel alive.

Feeling alive is a result of being soulfully connected to others, feeling like what you contribute makes a difference to the greater picture, and feeling in touch with your body by honoring and cherishing it deeply.

The path to feeling alive is different for everyone, which means you have to explore your individuality and bring your uniqueness to the surface. However, there are some tools that I've seen work for a vast majority of people when it comes to feeling more alive.

1. Ditch that negative self-talk.

I know it’s hard. For many of us negative self-chatter is what we have had on uncensored autopilot for years. In fact, it’s probably the number one thing I work on with my clients no matter why they come to life coaching. The way we talk to ourselves affects every area in our life and sets the stage for career success, romantic bliss, and body love no matter what size you are.

Identify the mean, off-putting things you say to yourself and actively reject them. Follow them up with a positive and loving statement about yourself. This takes practice, and you might even feel like you're lying to yourself at first, but that’s simply because you aren't used to yourself talking like this. Work on making the voice of positivity the one you accept as normal.

2. Stretch your body long and in all directions before you get out of bed.

This helps you wake up your cells, elongate your body, and increase blood flow through your whole body, rather than staying bundled up small and tight as you go from your bed to your breakfast chair, to your car, to your work desk. Actively stretch your body throughout the day to keep those cells awake and your body feeling alive.

3. Give people compliments freely.

What’s more revitalizing than putting a smile and maybe even a little innocent blush on a co-worker, a friend, or even a stranger. It’s so fun to make someone else feel special and show them that you notice their efforts. It doesn’t matter if you compliment their looks or their talent. Noticing positive things about others will inevitably also make you feel more positive.

4. Pay attention to the sky (and the rest of nature).

The clouds are never the same. They're always changing their constellation, color, and thickness. That’s true for the rest of nature. It reminds us that nothing is ever static or stuck. We're always changing and therefore have the capacity to take charge of our lives. Observing nature in its greatness also reminds you that you are part of something so much bigger than the immediate annoyances of daily life.

5. Eat with pleasure and all your senses on board.

Eating is nourishment for your mind, body and soul, so make it an experience of celebration by adding tons of colors, flavor, and time. It’s hard to feel alive when you're wolfing down every bite and barely tasting anything. Instead, make your meals beautiful and yummy, chew slowly, and taste intently. Think of mealtime is your time to fuel and regenerate.

6. Laugh.

What would life be like without laughter? It would be absolutely miserable and boring. The reason laughter feels so good is because it's a spontaneous, unplanned reaction. When we really laugh from our belly, we're uninhibited and vulnerable, which are aspects of ourselves that we so often keep hidden and in check. However, permitting yourself to let go (or perhaps not being able to control yourself) and feel vulnerable is a huge part of feeling alive.

7. Plan time for spontaneity.

Most of my clients lead extremely busy lives. Even their evenings and weekends — their free time — are scheduled full with exercise classes, plans with friends, and other errands. While it’s nice to know that you'll be able to “check off” all of these things, it can also easily feel like yet another agenda.

Unless you're truly in touch with your own desires from moment to moment, it’s difficult to feel alive. I’d recommend planning a day or afternoon of nothing and see what happens when you actually ask yourself, “What do I really feel like doing now?” See what comes up for you.

In the comments below I‘d love to hear from you: which one of the above tips resonates the most with you? Which one do you want to try? What has worked for you?

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