Is Social Media Killing Yoga?

As a yoga teacher, I always hear the phrases, “I wish I could do yoga" or, “Oh, wow! Look at that picture, I wish I could do that but Iʼm not flexible enough.”

Whether it's a matter of being embarrassed or self-conscious, many people are afraid of how they'll look in a yoga class because they're comparing themselves to the perfect-looking pictures they see on Instagram or Facebook, which are often enhanced with filters so people appear "flawless."

But how wrong they are! I assure you, ANYBODY can do yoga.

Anyone who enters a studio and participates in that beautiful dance of connecting movement with breath, is doing yoga. A person who can touch their toes and someone who can barely reach their shins are still experiencing the SAME benefits. They are all yogis!

Yoga is not about the latest in Lululemon attire. And yoga is certainly not about holding a pose for 10 seconds to snap a picture and proclaim, “Look everyone! I can do yoga!” Yoga is not a handstand. Yoga is not an arm balance or inversions. The poses, or asanas, themselves are just one of the eight limbs of yoga.

Yoga is learning to control your mind, connecting with your inner consciousness, practicing patience, and loving yourself through meditation, mantra, Pranayama (breath), and postures.

Yoga is for those in gym shorts. Yoga is for those looking to quiet the mind. Yoga is for the big and the small alike.

Yoga is not about an image on a screen. You are a yogi. You are beloved. You are the universe. Donʼt let your minds be tainted by media, by images, by words. You are light. You are love. You are yoga.

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