5 Mantras To Boost Your Joy

Written by Otiti Jasmine

Feeling good is a constant process. We’re wired to seek out the people, substances, and activities that keep us humming on a high vibration and feeling fresh.

Want to celebrate your joy? Here are five quick prompts to pump you up:

1. I’m so blessed I get to ...

This could be for your dream job, a beloved side project, or a brand-new venture. The key is to flood your system with well-being as you list the things you feel blessed you get to do.

Got a gig that feels like play? Throw it on there. Got a career you absolutely love? That goes on there too.

You can also list your hobbies, family or peer activities, and ordinary moments that inspire you, like volunteer work.

2. I am loved and supported by ...

Sometimes you feel kind of low and love is the furthest thing from your mind.

Much like a gratitude list gives you more to be grateful for, a love list reminds you of the angel souls you already have in your life and all the love they have for you.

From your girlfriends at work to that special someone in your life, jot down who’s got love for you.

3. This is what I know to be true ...

Getting stuck in our heads is a scary place to be. We blow things out of proportion, obsess over the future, and constantly comb over the past for what we could’ve done better. Yikes!

Ever consider writing down what you know to be true? Not your fears of what might go wrong or your past mistakes, but what you actually know to be true in the present moment?

Life can only be savored in the now, and it’s up to us to do what it takes to ramp up our joy at any given moment. Write down what you know to be true, and really cut loose here.

4. I feel vibrantly alive when I ...

Which activities fire up your blood and make you feel like anything is possible? You want to list the things that make you feel strong, clear, and on fire for life.

Tango? Zumba? Cross Fit?

Whatever it is, remind yourself of this powerful tool and use it as often as you can (read: daily or 4-5 times a week).

5. Even though I feel [current emotion], I can choose to feel [positive emotion].

At any point in time, we can feed our emotions and add to their power. While it’s thrilling to ride an emotional high, it’s downright depressing to wallow in an emotional low.

To combat the doldrums, write down how you feel and how you choose to feel.

It’s important to remember that every emotion is a choice, because then we can actively shift our focus to more positive, empowering states. Choosing to feel something different frees your mind to think of what you can do to boost your mood. Whether you ask for help or keep it a solo mission, set up conditions to ignite your joy and watch the magic happen.

At the end of the day, we just want to feel good and do the things that support that feeling.

Taking the time to identify and appreciate what works for you preps you for joy whenever life hits the snooze button.

Do you have a prompt that sets you on fire? Share it in the comments below!

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