Dads' Weight Linked to Diabetes in Offspring

Researchers have known for years that pregnant moms who are overweight are more likely to have a child that becomes overweight, but now a new study suggests there's a link between a father's weight and diet "at the time of conception and an increased risk of diabetes in his offspring."

Science Daily reports:

"We've known for a while that overweight mums are more likely to have chubby babies, and that a woman's weight before and during pregnancy can play a role in future disease in her children, partly due to the critical role the intrauterine environment plays in development," said study leader Professor Margaret Morris, from UNSW's School of Medical Sciences."But until now, the impact of the father's environment -- in terms of his diet -- on his offspring had not been investigated." The work formed the basis of the PhD study of Dr Sheau-Fang Ng, who showed that paternal environmental factors such as diet and weight are important contributors to disease in the next generation

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