This Is Why You Don't Make Healthy Choices

This Is Why You Don't Make Healthy Choices Hero Image

Many people feel that to keep their healthy habits consistent, they need to develop a strong sense of self-criticism — that inner voice telling chastising them whenever they eat a sugary treat or skip a workout. But a new study suggests that the best way to make healthy choices is to practice self-love.

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 15 studies to determine the role self-compassion plays in making healthy choices, including those involving eating decisions, exercise, sleep and stress management. They found that self-compassion was associated with healthier choices in all 15 studies.

It's a concept we at MindBodyGreen have supported for a long time: if you want to lose weight, counting calories and beating yourself up for not rigidly sticking to a plan isn't the best way to get results. The same goes for getting in shape, or quitting a bad habit. Allowing yourself some room for mistakes improves your self-worth, which can help you bounce back if you have a bad day.

So if you want to be healthy, start loving yourself! Not only is it a good idea that probably won't hurt you, but science backs it up!

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