11 Keys To Thriving In Your Daily Life

There’s a saying that moves me deeply by the great spiritual philosopher Khalil Gibran: “Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it, take with you your all.”

I have found that when I take “my all” into my day-to-day, my well-being soars. My soul feels fueled; my spirit feels nourished. That is an inner state I would wish upon anybody and everybody.

So I gave some thought to how one might go about navigating one’s everyday reality with due reverence. I’m inspired to share with you the 11-step protocol I came up with — my keys to creating a daily existence that’s robust, magical, and fulfilling. May your daily life be your temple!

1. Love yourself fiercely!

The more you treat yourself with kindness and respect, the more you shine. The more you shine, the more you attract the circumstances you are wishing for. Being radiant also means you galvanize others, igniting their radiance.

2. Be grateful for the miracle of being alive.

Honor the wealth of character-building occurrences you’ve endured — good, bad, and ugly. Take stock of all the love in your life and all the many blessings.

3. Solidify your vision for your ideal life.

It may not happen overnight, and it may not be easy, but you can get to where you wish to be from wherever you are now. Sculpt a day-to-day that you love. Feel into the reality that resonates most with your soul’s desire; turn that vision into a goal; decide the steps you need to get there; and set the intention to live out that new reality.

4. Love your life as it is.

Cultivate acceptance about the present and faith in what’s possible for your future. Get yourself out of that agonizing holding pattern called “waiting.” Become a fabulous, happenin’ party, a “you” that’s got it goin’ on, rather than someone who is waiting for the party to start when the right people, opportunities, or experiences come along.

5. Don't compare your circumstances with others.

You are one-of-a-kind. You have your own path, a custom-designed curriculum in the university of life. Welcome to your incarnation! Others are on their own solo journey too, so allow them their destiny, and don't compare and contrast!

6. Push the envelope; expand your comfort zone.

Take a risk. Life is about being out on the high seas, summoning your skills, talents and inner resources to brave the elements. Living your life anchored in the safety of the harbor is wasting your life. We humans tend to place too much importance on ease and comfort, when our souls — the most important part of who we are — crave adventure, stimulation and challenge, and are entirely comfortable without any guarantees.

7. Allow for the seasons, the cycles, and the divine timing of life.

We have all been blessed with free will. At the same time, mysterious higher forces and our individual cosmic blue prints play a more important role in our life’s unfolding than we realize. Allow your life to blossom organically, as a magnificent flower. Don’t force the bud to bloom, before it’s ready, before its time.

8. Know that you can never miss out on what’s meant for you.

If you feel you're failing at manifesting your desires because they haven’t yet materialized, remember you are simply in a process versus dealing with an outcome. Trust, surrender, and continue to intend to produce the outcome you desire.

9. Remember that challenges in your relationships are assignments.

Interpersonal struggles help you develop into a bigger, better person. You can create the relationship conditions you want with most everyone in your life by choosing to be more compassionate and understanding. With the right mindset and the correct turn of personal energy, you will see improved dynamics with people in your life manifest before your very eyes. The key is you have to be a match for the quality of relating that you are wishing to experience with others.

10. Life is a classroom for the learning of lessons.

Every human being experiences struggles, conflicts, and challenges — it’s how we grow and expand, such that we can be our best selves.

11. Purify your thoughts and master your mindset.

Don't succumb to jadedness, cynicism, self-pity, loneliness, or negativity. Think positively, constructively, and sensibly. See the higher picture; rely on your wisdom. Be at your most spiritually mature today and it will most assuredly be a great day.

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