6 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Meaning & Intention Into Your Home

mbg Contributor By Amanda Gibby Peters
mbg Contributor
Amanda Gibby Peters is the voice and visionary of Simple Shui™. She’s been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for over a decade.

Homes are our living partners, and they hold this enormous ability to kindle positive energy on our behalf. Yet we often dismiss a house as mere architecture and diminish its power to sway BIG transformations.

Energy, which precedes matter, is a wildly alive force. When a home aligns with our spirit and resolutions, vibrant energy slaloms through our space and changes the air around us. In the rush that fills our days, we haphazardly allow space to become congested with things we're either too exhausted to deal with or too overwhelmed to organize.

Underneath it all, being consumed by the excess, is that howling energy we desire. Things we don’t love or need hold us hostage because they demand more energy to ignore than if we simply worked through them.

A space is invigorated when it mirrors our visions. And it’s the way we put it all together that informs our life story. Because when things are saturated with meaning and intention, we find ourselves more receptive to the good life.

So, if you’re eager to design your life this way, here are a few motivating considerations:

1. Stop believing life is attacking you.

Let go of anything that isn’t an extension of your desires, and trust the universe will provide for you. We spend so much energy trying to be right about our “what ifs” that we rob ourselves of being available for new possibilities. Untie those knots, and your energy will take huge steps in a better direction.

2. Take inventory of what you see as you walk through your space.

Whatever is happening at eye level is all about the present moment, and whatever commands attention matters. Does it reflect your highest intentions? Is its story one you love? If it could talk, does it compromise or elevate your feelings? Excavate. Explore. And edit your space so it reflects your inner essence.

3. Pay attention to where energy is being tugged.

Homes offer us solutions through our intuition, even if we can’t wrap words or logic around it. When we feel inspired to change a room or find we are bothered by a space, it likely corresponds to something in our life we really want to transform. Trust those instincts and take a cue from these random callings — they subtly guide us out of tired, familiar patterns.

4. Understand your clutter.

Clutter is so much more than just stuff; it is symbolic of where we feel messy, unsuccessful, or stuck in life. The front door is where opportunity finds us — is yours inviting? A kitchen bombarded by things suggests raw overwhelm from taking care of others, and it is usually a sign of simmering resentment. A messy desk hints we are fearful about letting things go. And a chaotic bedside table hints at a lingering desire to get away.

5. Don't hide your clutter.

Out of sight clutter is equally unapologetic. Cluttered closets reflect our inability to deal with unfinished business. When we store things behind doors, it stifles our emotions. Doors represent voices — so keep yours free.

Hiding stuff under furniture signals a concern over appearances. Bulging attics create a feeling of additional weight on our shoulders while neglected basements impose difficulty progressing forward. And the piles in the garage are synonymous with procrastination, sometimes signaling urgent matters are turning into crises.

6. Open up space to capture opportunity.

Once a space is refreshed, let it compose organically with only things you LOVE. Observe a few intentional pockets of open space around your house — empty space is a love note to the universe you are available for something new, something magical — and it deserves as much sacred devotion as the things we keep.

Our consciousness shifts when our home shifts. The more we simplify our surroundings, the more our energy is amplified. Clues show up that breathe life into solutions, and we discover a willingness to see possibility everywhere. Homes are our sacred space where spirit and matter connect — and it’s why the essence of our surroundings influences our most luminous insights into living a life we LOVE.

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