How This Skeptic Came To Love Essential Oils

I'm a new believer in essential oils. A few months ago, a group of students gave me a gift certificate to a body worker who used oils as part of the treatment package. I felt amazing afterward. Since then, I’ve been hooked.

I started carrying around a little bag of oils and began using them on my hands during classes for assists. Those who have known me during my journey from being a devout power yoga teacher to one who's more focused on holistic healing teased me about my new obsession. One person actually asked, “What would you have said four years ago if I had told you that years from now you would be carrying around a baggie of oils?”

Touché. And yet, here I am.

Since I always though of things like “essential oils” as a little out there, I wanted to share some of the practical success stories I’ve had with several of the blends I've come to love. Note: I'm affiliated with the brand that makes the blends mentioned, but have only used them personally.

Last weekend, my little girl was playing outside and collected painful fire ant stings on her legs and feet. I dabbed peppermint and lavender oil on her legs and she immediately calmed down. The next morning I reapplied the oils. By that evening, there was barely any trace of her bites.

My husband suffers from gout. We control his flare-ups and symptoms mostly via a clean diet and apple cider vinegar consumption. Still, he sometimes suffers occasional flare-ups (should he indulge in a night of drinking beer with the boys, for example). Recently his ankle swelled up in a gout-related attack. I massaged a few drops of Deep Blue on his ankle. The next day, he said it felt far better, and the swelling dramatically reduced.

My tween boy is going through hormone-related clogged pores on his face. Frankincense oil cures these blemishes for him overnight! Oh, how I wish my mom had known about this cure during my tween and teen years.

I use DigestZen on my belly nightly. A few drops in my palms massaged into my stomach in a clockwise direction has become a nightly ritual to ensure smooth digestion.

My baby girl was suffering congestion. I put a drop of Breathe in her humidifier and it made a difference practically overnight.

Lavender oil makes a great sleep aid. I've been applying drops to my children’s pillows and lightly applying it to their faces and necks. They have been sleeping so much more deeply. I also swab myself with a bit of it. Mama needs good rest too.

While I can only speak to my own experience, I hope you find some gems in these nuggets.

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