2011 TED Prize Winner: Guerrilla Artist JR

TED just announced the recipient of their seventh annual $100,000 TED Prize, and it's an unexpected choice: JR (self-portrait above). He's a somewhat anonymous 27-year-old Parisian street artist who's made a name by pasting photographs in some of the poorest areas of the world.

JR's selection is a bit of a departure from some previous, high-profile winners such as Jamie Oliver, Bono, and Bill Clinton. 

TED says about JR:

The New York Times says JR "gives slums a face." You know what, they're right. Check out his "Women in Heroes" series in Kenya, Phnonm Penh, and Rio. The word 'stunning' doesn't come close to doing it justice:

Hats off to TED for JR's selection. It'll be interesting to see what his famous TED wish will be (TED Prize winners are invited to make one "wish" that will change the world. TED gives the winner $100,000 and helps honorees raise money to make their wishes come true.)

For more on JR check out TEDPrize.org

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