Guess Which City Is The Most Vegan-Friendly In America?

Guess Which City Is The Most Vegan-Friendly In America? Hero Image

New York has a new accolade to add to its list. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has officially declared New York the most vegan-friendly city in America.

On hand to present the award to city council members on the steps of City Hall was celebrity (and vegan activist) Alan Cumming, who told attendees:

I’ve really noticed over the last few years how many people are turning towards eating vegetarian or vegan … Everyone’s realizing that these things are delicious and good for you. And I think it’s an indication of how we’re becoming more conscious of what we do to our bodies by what we put into them and what we do to the planet.

Why New York City? New York City has many vegan and vegetarian options, plus one of our public schools in Flushing, Queens is transitioning to an entirely vegetarian menu (a first for the city).

After the award ceremony, Cumming invited council members and fellow attendees to lunch at trendy, vegan restaurant Blossom.

Congratulations, New York!


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