Care About Health? Join The People's Climate March On Sept. 21

The People’s Climate March on September 21 in New York City is an effort to pressure leaders to take action at the UN Climate Summit on September 23. There have already been a number of events bringing attention to the March.

One of the most visibly striking events is the NYC Light Brigade. By taking beautiful photos, the Brigade is shining a light on this exciting moment.

First, the group staged an event in Times Square, where the sparkling lights of Broadway beautifully framed the glow of signs showcasing the different groups participating in the March. From religious groups to unions, grandparents to minorities, the breadth of involvement couldn’t be greater. These groups don’t often come together, but climate change is so big, and so important, that we all must act together.

The event in Times Square isn’t all. On the September 12 the Brigade took to the Brooklyn Bridge to create another stunning image placing the message of climate action in the New York City scene.

Motivations for joining and caring about climate range from traditional environmental concerns to a drive to build a clean energy future. One of the most important factors, however, is health.

Despite its traditional framing as an issue pertaining to polar bears and penguins, climate change has a number of impacts on human health. There are direct impacts, like an increased risk of heat stroke as heat waves become more severe and frequent, or extreme weather events with the capacity to cause flooding, fires and other life-threatening catastrophes.

Then there are the more subtle and indirect effects, like the increase in ozone, which is especially harmful to asthma sufferers and the elderly, or the exacerbation of allergy symptoms. There are also vector issues, where diseases are able to spread as the range of their host species spreads. One particularly stunning example is the spread of dengue fever into Japan.

But no matter your reason for caring, it would be great if you could join the People’s Climate March. If you can’t make it to NYC, there are plenty of other solidarity events worldwide! So come on, and shine YOUR light on the need for climate action!

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