An Unlikely Face Gets A Major Modeling Contract (Yay!)

An Unlikely Face Gets A Major Modeling Contract (Yay!) Hero Image

Canadian model Chantelle Brown-Young has become an inspiring story in the fashion world for redefining what "beauty" looks like during her run on America's Next Top Model.

Brown-Young has a skin condition called vitiligo, which causes distinct, pale-colored patches all over the body. Though she was voted off the show, her time on America's Next Top Model helped land her a contract to be the face of Spanish brand Desigual's fall campaign.

We're pumped that Brown-Young is breaking the mold of "traditional beauty" and presenting an alternate image of beauty. And she does it while spreading awareness for a disease! Three cheers!

What do you think of Chantelle Brown-Young's look and new campaign? Do you think she will open the door for other models who don't have a conventional look?

Photo Credit: Twitter


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