5 Beliefs That Keep You From An Amazing Life

Written by Kimanzi Constable

Life is short. We know this in theory, yet we don’t live that way. Each of us has big dreams that we would love to make our reality, but we don’t do anything about them.

It could be fear, it could be the negative voices of other people, it could be another reason altogether; whatever it is, we’re content to live a good enough life. We miss out on the amazing life that each of us truly deserves and can have.

For 12 years I didn’t think about living an amazing lifestyle. I was in survival mode. I was in a job I hated; I was 170 pounds overweight and living in a place that made my family afraid.

My father died in April 2012 at the age of 54, and his death was my wake-up call. It took three years, but I lost 170 pounds, left that job, and our family moved to Maui, Hawaii.

To get there, I had to let go of some self-limiting beliefs that were keeping me from taking action on my dream life. If you’re not living your ideal, it could be because these self-limiting beliefs are holding you back.

1. My dreams aren’t possible.

When you think about your dreams it can be overwhelming. You may not know what you want to do, or you don’t know where to start, and that can be depressing.

There’s example after example of people who accomplished extraordinary dreams after going through difficult times to get there. It’s not going to be easy, but it's possible.

We live in an amazing time when technology, social media, and the Internet have opened doors that were previously closed. There are no more gatekeepers keeping you from your dream.

2. I can start tomorrow.

Time is the one thing we’ll never get back. Those hours, days, and years you spend in misery will never come back. None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow, which is why today is so important.

We have to stop living like we’re immortal. We have to take a step back, slow down and enjoy the little moments of life. We’re always in such a rush that we miss what makes life truly special.

3. I'll probably fail, so I might as well not even try.

The fear of failure keeps many of us from bettering our lives. We think of the rejection that can come, and it keeps us from doing anything. Yes, you can fail, but not trying is even worse.

To live your dream life you have to accept that everything won’t always work out as planned, but you’re going to keep chasing your dream anyway.

4. People won’t understand.

As you make big changes in your life, there will be people who just don't get it. That's OK. You're not doing this for them; you’re doing what's right for you. You can't live your life for anyone else.

People won’t understand because they’re afraid themselves. They could be worried about your leaving them behind, or they could be afraid that what you’re doing will expose their fear.

They'll question you; they’ll point out the 100 reasons you can’t live an amazing life. All you can do is smile and keep pushing forward.

5. I will have to sacrifice too much.

If your goal is to lose weight, leave a job you hate, move to cool place, or even become president, it’s going to take some sacrifice. It sucks to give up the things we enjoy, but you have to focus on why you’re doing this.

You’re not going to have to give things up forever, but if that’s what it takes right now to live your dream, it’s a small price to pay. That sacrifice is for something bigger than momentary pleasure. What’s waiting for you is worth the sacrifice.

Don’t let self-limiting beliefs keep you stuck in a miserable life. You only get one chance to live life, so you better make it count. Realize that creating an amazing life takes time.

If you decide to choose yourself over your fear, choose yourself over negative thoughts and fears, you can create a life most people will only dream of. Then you will have true freedom to spend your time doing what’s important to you.

Have you let self-limiting beliefs hold you back? What were they?

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