Reinventing Health with Dr. Frank Lipman, Elena Brower & Kris Carr

mbg Co-Founder & Co-CEO By Colleen Wachob
mbg Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Colleen Wachob is Co-Founder and Co-CEO at mindbodygreen.

An audience of engaged doctors, yogis, and wellness enthusiasts gathered at the Tibet House in Manhattan last week for a talk with Dr. Frank Lipman (whose patients include Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kevin Bacon, to name a few), an expert in integrative and functional medicine, and Elena Brower, an Anusara yoga instructor and founder and co-owner of Virayoga in Soho. Talking later in the evening was the Madonna of wellness, Kris Carr, whose irreverent approach to wellness has inspired people living with cancer to take charge and lead healthier and more passionate lives. This talk (the first in a series of four that Dr. Frank is hosting at the Tibet House) evolved the concept of health care beyond the yearly flu shot, transactional doctor's appointment, and "disease care" system, and explored how ancient traditions and philosophies can be weaved into a total health plan. While the dialogue focused on the benefits of yoga as a health tool, the conversation explored everything from epigenetics, to acupuncture, to nutrition. While doctors writing prescriptions for farmers market produce made headlines earlier this year, will doctors begin to prescribe pranayama, asanas and yoga retreats?

Dr. Frank started the conversation with a primer on functional medicine, a patient-centric health care approach that recognizes the subjectivity of the doctor-patient relationship (no one approach heals all) as well as the myriad of environmental and lifestyle factors that affect health and disease. Dubbing Dr. Jeffrey Bland the "father of functional medicine," Dr. Frank further explained that functional medicine is "the new system of medicine where East meets West. Everyone is unique. You treat the patient and not the disease." Health care connects us with specialists when something is "broken," but falters when it comes to empowering us to be the Chief Executive Officers of our daily wellness. Have a sports injury? There's an orthopedic surgeon for that. Feeling a little blue? Try a psychiatrist and some Prozac. Dr. Frank, however, recommends we craft a long-term health-centric philosophy that focuses just as intensely on how we think, move and experience life on the days when nothing is broken to optimize health. And yoga may be just what the doctor ordered.

According to Dr. Frank, the blueprint for health involves the creation of an "anti-inflammatory lifestyle." It's not uncommon to hear people either abdicate personal responsibility for their health (obesity gene?) or to live in a fear-based state due to their genetic make-up. Dr. Frank points to the power of nurture and epigenetics, the science that "most of our genes are not set in stone. They are formed through our thoughts, the foods we eat, and our belief system." It's an optimistic, empowering message that we can help define our health destiny. And where's a good place to start? Listening to the gut is one of the best internal thermometers of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Frank elaborated that master herbalists looked to the gut when unsure of what next steps to recommend: "It all starts with the gut. Inflammation starts in the colon. The gut is the second brain, literally." Colonic anyone?

Elena, who passionately gives students precise, technical alignment suggestions in her Anusara classes, discussed the physiological, psychological and healing benefits of yoga. While the physical benefits of yoga is well-covered territory among scientists and yogis, Elena further explained that "yoga is beyond a good workout. It's a way to train the mind through the body. It's a tool that anyone can use." Yoga also helps us be more engaged, curious and present so that we can connect more with our intuition and creativity and engage in the "life-long process of unraveling the knots to bring us back to who we are." Elena's maniacal focus on precise, articulate communication on the mat (and outside the yoga studio) separates her from other well respected yogis. Elena strives to communicate with "more eloquence and grace" so that she's truly listening and present in every interaction. An empowering mind-body tool that we can leverage in each and every interpersonal interaction? Sounds better than therapy.

The surprise guest of the evening was Kris Carr, who inspires people to lead healthier lives through her books, film, and blog. Kris told the story of her diagnosis of a rare and incurable form of cancer at age 31 that lead her to overhaul her lifestyle and "turn shit into champagne" by becoming a passionate student and inspiration of healthy living. From practicing yoga regularly, to reigning as the queen of green juice, to eating a vegan diet, to getting her glow from safe cosmetics, Kris is a living embodiment of the transformative effects of a healthy lifestyle. We've all been told about the power of positive thinking and reframing our thoughts, but Kris takes it to the next level. She turned a Stage IV cancer diagnosis into an effervescent Dom Perignon served in a Waterford crystal flute. Harnessing Kris' ability to re-set our thoughts through all the small annoyances -- missing the subway when we are already running late, to the bigger challenges we face in life will ultimately lead to greater freedom.

Dr. Frank, Elena, and Kris left me inspired to become the CEO of my health and to partner with the right people to work in lock-step with me on this journey. Now, the challenge is to get more of the traditional health care system on board.

If you're in New York, I highly recommend going to Dr. Frank Lipman's series 'The New Emerging Medicince' at the Tibet House. Here are the remaining details and dates:

October 20, Frank Lipman w/Stephen Cowan: Food and MedicineOctober 27, Frank Lipman w/Robert Thurman: Buddhism and MedicineNovember 3, Frank Lipman w/Gabrielle Roth: Movement and Medicine

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