Are You Making (Good) Sh*t Happen In Your Life?

Everyone (well not everyone, come on now, but let's say some people) knows that my tagline is "What are you manifesting?" If you didn't know ... now you do!

I define manifesting as "making shit happen." The good kind. You know that we have the power to manifest all of it: the good, the bad; whatever those terms mean.

But manifesting means making the good shit happen in our lives. The kind we want. The kind that makes up want to get up in the morning rather than stay in bed with the pillow over our head.

To be clear: I don't think that everything that happens in our life is because we have "manifested" it. My friend's baby died. She didn't "manifest" that.

I know that I may differ a bit in my thinking with a lot of the spiritual community, and I'm OK with that. It's taken me a while to really find my own voice and to use that voice, but that's part of the journey of life and getting older. You find what works, what you believe in, what you want to toss. You say, Yes, this works for me and no, this doesn't.

Hopefully we all figure out what our beliefs are as we move through life.

I think we are powerful, to an extent. But I don't think that everything that happens in our lives is causal development from our thoughts. Sometimes things just happen.

Sometimes the shit just hits the fan, and you aren't even in the room as it splatters all over the ceiling. But you've still got to go in and clean it up all over the walls.

As I've said before: Of course you can make a few changes and create the life you want. But does that mean shitty things won’t happen to you? Nope. They might. Or they might not.

Does that mean if someone gets raped they manifested it? Nope. Never.

If someone dies, did you cause it with your thoughts? Nope.

If your nephew gets a rare genetic disorder, is it because God hates you? Sorry, no.

Our thoughts are powerful, but they are just thoughts. They aren’t potent enough to kill your father or your dog or your make your boyfriend leave you. They shift your behavior at times, yes. They can cause you to see things as blue that are in fact, red. But still. They are thoughts.

And yet.

We can create the life we want for ourselves. I've done it. I'm not on the top of a mountain waving a flag going I did it! I did it! or living in a mansion on the beach -- or a mansion not on the beach, for that matter. I still work my ass off, but just a few years ago I was at the restaurant I had been waitressing at for 13 years. I was miserable. I'm not anymore.

Just today I found myself muttering How did I get so lucky? as if it was something I stumbled on by chance. I didn’t just get so lucky. I realized that there is no "just getting.”

I work my ass off, and I imagined it as such. I allowed myself to get excited by what I wanted for myself without any thoughts like, That will never happen for you. You will always be here serving veggie burgers without the buns.

Oh, and this: I love what I do and do what I love. So, that's something, right?

I spend a lot of time allowing myself to imagine what I want without any buts, I sucks, it's never happened befores, who do I think I ams ... etc. I call those thoughts wallowing in your own suckery.

So tell me: what are you manifesting? What are you willing to daydream about?

Daydreaming is completely underrated, by the way. Will it get you there without the work? Hell. No.

Just go for it. What gives you goose bumps when you think about it?

Imagining how that feels - it does it to you, doesn't it? Makes your arm hairs stand up?

Wayne Dyer says, "Worrying is like saying little prayers for the things you do not want."

So tell me, what little prayers have you been saying? Is it for all you're afraid of? All the things you hate? How much you don't want this or that?

Let your arms hairs bristle with what it would feel like to ______.

I don't know what your blank is. That's what I'm asking. Tell me below. Seriously. Put it out there into the world.

Be aware, however, that very often it looks nothing like what we thought it would look like. That's the excitement of life, right? The beauty of non-attachment.

I know, I know. I'm working on this too.

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