3 Reasons Introverts Make The Best Workout Buddies

Workout buddies help keep you motivated, accountable, and and give you someone to swap exercises and fitness tips with. So today, after a less than stellar workout, you’ve finally decided to approach one of your girlfriends who is super into fitness to see if she’d like to partner up with you a few days a week. You start to glance around the weight room and immediately hone in on two sparkling candidates. Let's just call them Kim and Michelle.

To your left is Kim. Kim’s a really cool chick – very animated, and a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic with a killer body. Kim’s also a classic extrovert and today, as usual, she's strength training while loudly exchanging a bit of friendly trash talk with some of the local CrossFitters. Someone throws down a dare and Kim jumps up, grabs a pair of overhead bars, and busts out 20 pull-ups. When done, Kim drops to the ground, flashes a cocky smile, and talks a bit more trash as she throws up her hand for a few high-fives.

Next, you look to your right and there’s Michelle. As usual, Michelle’s got her headphones on, and she’s in her own world, silently rotating through various exercises. Michelle is also very friendly and super cool, but she's not as talkative as Kim. Michelle also has a killer body and is super fit. In fact, you can't help but feel impressed as you watch her effortlessly squat 150 pound. Wow!

So, who do you approach to be your workout buddy: Kim, the extrovert, or Michelle, the introvert?

At first glance, you decide to go with Kim. She’s bubbly, talkative, outgoing – all the qualities anyone would love in a workout buddy. Hmm, not so fast! Truth be told, despite the initial attraction, pairing up with an extroverted workout partner isn’t always a match made in heaven. In fact, here are three reasons why introverts make better workout buddies:

1. Introverts are great one-on-one.

While it's true that an introvert isn’t one for small talk, that doesn’t mean introverts aren’t friendly and very personable. In fact, a seemingly quiet introvert can suddenly turn into a huge chatterbox when discussing subjects he or she is passionate about (like fitness!).

Also, introverts are great in one-on-one situations. So all this means that by pairing up with an introverted workout buddy, you’ll not only be partnering with someone who is passionate about fitness and more than happy to share a ton of fitness info with you, but you’ll also be partnering up with someone who will be more than happy to focus their undivided attention solely on you. Win-Win!

2. Introverts don’t like to be pushy.

Sure, you want someone to “push” you, but all that might change when you're terrified of your gym buddy because she won’t stop blowing up your phone after you’ve missed a workout. This won’t be the case with an introvert, though. In true introvert fashion, your gym buddy will be around to motivate you. But don’t expect them to stalk or nag you when you miss a workout.

In the end, introverts are very self-motivated and, to an extent, expect the same mindset from others.

Bottom line: pair up with an introvert and you’ll be treated like an adult, which suits you perfectly because no one likes to be treated like a child who should be chased down and chastised for not exercising anyway!

3. Introverts like to stay focused.

You’ve got a big event in four weeks and a little black dress that you absolutely must fit into by then. You promptly call up Michelle because you know that she, being a classic introvert, will be ready to hit the gym with laser-like focus. Pair up with an extrovert and things could backfire if you guys unconsciously spend more talking and socializing than sweating. This won't happen with an introvert, though, because once again, introverts aren’t ones for small talk and will resist becoming distracted (by you or by anyone else) when focused on an important task.

So rest assured, when it comes to a workout buddy, an introvert will be the perfect ally: highly focused and ready to exercise.

Who do you think make better workout buddies – introverts or extroverts? Let me know in the comments below.

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