3 Easy Steps To Keep Your Office Chair From Killing You (Video)

Are you stuck in a chair all day long? Probably your back, neck and shoulders don't feel so great. You always need a good massage, and if you get a friend to start, you won't let them stop! Are you thinking you need to spend a huge amount of money for a better chair, or switch to one of those standing desks, or just run away from your job altogether?

Here's some good news. You can keep your chair, and your desk. You also don't need to run away from your job just yet. Unless you want to! Wherever you are, there are 3 easy guidelines to follow, that will keep your back, neck and shoulders happy.

There's a secret ingredient here, which carries across all these guidelines: Variety. Our bodies need it. Our minds need it, too. If you want to keep your body and mind pain-free - and even better, feeling amazingly good - put variety in your life. To it make a really good life, find the variety that is especially right for you, every day. Here's how it can begin, right at your desk.

1. Your body listens and adapts to you, so tell it what you want.

Whether you're sitting or standing at your desk all day long, if you're holding pretty much still in one (progressively slumping) position, your body is going to conclude you don't need to move! The small supporting muscles along your spine and throughout your body - the ones that hold you in your natural, movable, and best-feeling alignment - will gradually degenerate. You fall out of line. This doesn't feel good, and all the massages in the world won't help.

To feel good, every inch of your body needs to be evenly developed to work happily with every other inch. When all your inches are moving well together, your supporting muscles can do their job easily, and your body's optimal alignment is created. To get there, you need to tell your body something different. Tell it you want to move! No matter where you are, don't be still for long. Your body will happily adapt to this message. You just need to send it.

2. No one way works, variety is key.

If you're sitting at a desk, standing at a desk will likely trade one form of stillness for another. If you've got one kind of chair, getting that other kind will do about the same. Changing things up is good, but changing from one from of static sitting or standing to another form isn't likely to help much over the long run. We need variety, in everything we do.

So what does help over the long run? You! Decide that it's you who's in charge. Not your chair, not your desk, not your job. It's you. You get to move all kinds of variety right into your life. Which brings us to #3: You get to decide when and how you move.

3. Move it!

Move everything you've got, easily, in every direction you can. Every 10 minutes, take a big deep breath to lift up out of wherever you are. Then move and explore all around where you are. Roll left and right, forward and back. Lift up, slouch down, twist side to side. Stretch your legs, fold forward, and roll around a little on those hamstrings. Put a foot up on your chair, sit cross-legged for a bit. Feel around everything you've got, every way you can. You've got good things! You're going to like this.

You get to decide how you sit, and how you move, all day long. Those decisions add up to something big. If you keep it moving - never still in one position for more than 5 or 10 minutes at time, but instead moving and shifting and feeling into your body all day long - the choices you make will make you happy.

From breathing and moving, you're going to feel. From feeling and responding to what you feel, you're going to feel good! This is your way to a super-happy and healthy body. It can begin wherever you are. Even right in your desk chair.

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Michael Taylor

Co-Founder Of Strala Yoga & Tai Chi Expert
Mike Taylor is the co-founder of Strala along with his wife, Tara Stiles. He studied mind-body medicine at Harvard and complementary medicine at Oxford. Mike has practiced Eastern movement and healing, including tai chi and qigong, for more than 30 years. In his younger years, Mike challenged centuries of reasonable and well-tested martial traditions in hundreds of competitions by applying unruly imagination to a world where rules were unbreakable. His record established the strength of finding your own way in your own body rather than copying the techniques of other people’s traditions. As he got older, Mike continued on to medical applications of the mind-body connection in university. After running into walls with standard medical practice in the United States and England, he left his health care roots for a little while. As the first internet boom was getting started, he joined the startup team of one company, then founded a couple more. Now through Strala, Mike has found his way back to health care done right: helping people let go of stress in their bodies and minds, enable their lives, and become their own best caregivers.Mike has climbed some of the world’s largest mountains in Alaska, the Alps, and the Himalayas. He’s now a cyclist and runner and spends as much free time as possible exploring the backcountry on foot, skis, and snowboard. He lives in New York with his wife, Tara, and baby, Daisy.
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Michael Taylor

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