Meet The Andy Warhol Of Instagram

Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson is a man of many talents. One of the original founders of MAC Cosmetics, he went on to head of Bobbi Brown's creative development department, and is now a guest creative director at Estee Lauder. But over the past year, another aspect of his life has been exploding — and it all started on Instagram.

That's because his Instagram is full of photos like this one:

Despite also being a father of five, Donald is a prolific pop artist who has largely used Instagram as a means both to showcase his work and as a source of inspiration.

Robertson's Instagram, which was created by his assistant in 2012, now has over 80,000 followers. He's even been asked to design tees for J.Crew's kids line.

Because his work is peppered with pop culture references, some are calling him "the Andy Warhol of Instagram." Here's a piece he did during the World Cup, depicting Brazil's Marcelo:


This piece features Ritz crackers:

Here is a piece inspired by Madeline:

And much of his work is inspired by life in the fashion industry:

And his work in the beauty industry:

And many are just wonderfully fun!

So, are you now following @donalddrawbertson on Instagram?

You're not alone!

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