8 Ways You Might Be Keeping Yourself Stuck

Do you feel stuck in your life? Does it seem like life is passing you by?

It might be that you are stuck behind the fears, false beliefs and unloving behavior you have toward yourself. Here are 8 common ways that you might be keeping yourself stuck. See if you identify with any of them!

1. You are an information addict.

Do you read a lot of self-help books and attend personal growth workshops and seminars — looking for the answers to your problems? Do you believe that getting these answers inside your head will somehow change your life on the outside?

The problem is that answers without action actually does nothing. For example, you can read everything there is about nutrition, but if you do nothing to change your diet, nothing will change.

2. You engage in negative self-talk.

Judging yourself is a prescription for keeping yourself stuck. What are some of the negative things you tell yourself?

  • Nothing will ever change for me.
  • There is something wrong with me.
  • I will always be a loser.
  • I'll never be good enough.
  • I don't have what it takes.
  • The things that work for other people will never work for me.
  • Others are lucky but not me.
  • It's always been this way for me and always will be.
  • Other_________________________________

If you had a child whom you loved, would you tell your child these things? Of course not. Yet you are telling them to your inner child, which is keeping you stuck.

3. You resist doing what you really want to do.

Were one or both of your parents or other caregivers controlling? As a result, do you have an overwhelming desire to be in control at all times?

The only way to NOT be controlled is to do what is loving to you. You lose yourself when you comply and allow yourself to be controlled.

4. You fret over having to fix yourself.

Do you believe you have to fix yourself first before you can take loving action on your own behalf? Believing that there is something wrong with you that needs fixing can keep you very stuck.

We all have a perfect essence within us — our soul self is created in the image of God, which is love. When you embrace your true self, you will realize that you don't need fixing! The essence of healing is realizing this and fully embracing our true selves.

5. You play the blame-game.

Are you stuck blaming others for your lot in life — blaming unloving parents, teachers, siblings or abusers?

While others may have been very hurtful to you in the past, and you might have healing work to do as a result, no one — no matter what they did — can stop you from taking loving action toward yourself. Seeing yourself as a victim will only keep you stuck.

6. You don't trust yourself.

Do you constantly second-guess yourself? Do you tell yourself that you don't know what is best for you? Do you stay in your ego mind, trying to figure out the right thing to do, rather than opening yourself up to asking your higher self for guidance?

Your ego-mind doesn't know what is right for you. When you learn to trust your inner knowing, you will be guided in knowing what benefits your highest good.

7. You have a fear of rejection.

Do you worry about what others will think of you? Are you afraid to take risks? Is it more important for you to control how others feel about you, than to take loving action for your highest good? Try listening to your own inner guidance to help you move you forward in life instead of staying stuck.

8. You are afraid of failure.

Do you tell yourself that it's not okay to fail — that failing at something means YOU are a failure? Unless you recognize that failure simply means that there is still more in life to learn, then this fear might also be keeping you stuck. Every successful person has experienced many failures and has learned from them.

Making it okay to fail without it reflecting on you as a person can get you unstuck.

Getting unstuck in your life means taking loving action in your own behalf — physically, emotionally, spiritually, organizationally, relationally and financially. When being loving to yourself becomes more important to you than gathering information, judging yourself, resisting control, fixing yourself, blaming others, not trusting yourself, or allowing your fears of rejection or failure to stop you — then you will get unstuck.

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