A 1-Minute Fitness Routine You Can Do In The Bathroom

Doctor of Physical Therapy By Brianne Grogan, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Brianne Grogan, DPT, is a women's health physical therapist, fitness expert, and the author of FemFusion Fitness for Intimacy and her newest book, Lady Bits. She received a B.S. in Health Sciences from Linfield College, and earned her DPT in Physical Therapy from Pacific University.

New research is popping up everywhere about the dangers of sitting all day. Too much sitting affects all areas of our health, from our weight and body composition to heart disease risk, diabetes risk and even cancer risk. Unfortunately, a single sweat session at the gym just doesn't offset all the hours you spend sitting down.

What we need to do is sit less and move more throughout the day, every day.

One great strategy to sneak more movement into the day is to attach it to something you already do multiple times a day, every day. So, what's something that you're GUARANTEED to do multiple times per day, every day?

Use the restroom.

In this quick video, I outline a movement routine that takes one minute (maximum!). No big deal! But if you do it every time you use the restroom, you'll be adding 40-50 squats to your day, 40-50 push-ups to your day, and 40-50 triceps dips to your day! Think of the benefits: a faster metabolism, a stronger heart, and firmer, more toned muscles, all without spending any extra time at the gym.

So, here you go! This is my one-minute workout to make getting more movement into your day as easy as going to the bathroom:

Not comfortable with "bathroom fitness?" No problem. Here are some other ideas for fitting more movement into your day:

1. If you're in an office, take every excuse to stand up and walk around. Rather than email your co-workers, stand up and walk over to them. Move your body and enjoy social interaction (bonus!).

2. Home with the kids? Make short walks a part of your daily routine. Walk to the park rather than drive. Walk to the store, if it's close by. Walk in the mall if it's raining, or just walk in the rain! Kids (and even some adults) love puddle jumping.

3. Busy cleaning the house? Then clean like you mean it! Dust over, under and around. Move chairs when you vacuum or sweep.

However you choose to move more, whether via bathroom fitness or extra work around the house, reframe it as extra calories burned and something you're doing to keep as healthy as possible!

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