3 All-Natural DIY Beauty Recipes To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Written by Annie Strole
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I think by now most of us know that when it comes to skin care, the best products to use are those that are safe enough to eat. But did you know that it's just as easy to create your own food-grade skin care products at home as it is to run out to the store to buy them?

Personally it doesn't matter how clean I keep my skin, blackheads are inevitable. Eventually I realized that, like for most of us, my oil production and the environment in which I live are what keep my blackheads coming back. After much trial and error, I've figured out a few easy remedies to keep them at bay. The best part? They're all-natural, easy and most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen!

Lemon and Honey Blackhead Eraser

The vitamin C in lemon gently exfoliates the skin which allows antimicrobial honey to penetrate the skin's surface, eliminating blackheads. This recipe is perfect for those with normal to oily skin.


  • 1/2 small lemon
  • 1 teaspoon honey


Slice a small lemon in half, stab the meat of the fruit with a fork a few times to loosen up the juice and then squeeze approximately one teaspoon of honey onto the lemon's flesh. On clean skin, rub your “blackhead eraser" all over affected areas for one to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Decongesting Pineapple Treatment

If your skin is normal to dry or mature but you still struggle with congestion, this treatment is for you. Pineapple contains bromelain which is an enzyme that works to eliminate dead skin cells (which are a major culprit of clogged skin) and yogurt helps to maintain moisture in addition to containing probiotics that reduce inflammation. Combine that with an extra kick of exfoliating white sugar and you have a treatment that knocks out blackheads and brings your skin into harmonious balance!


  • 1 cup chopped pineapple
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon white sugar


Combine pineapple and yogurt in a blender or food processor and blend at a medium to low speed until smooth. Stir in white sugar and massage all over your face, concentrating on affected areas for one to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Baking Soda “Microdermabrasion"

If your skin is on the more troubled side, this treatment is for you. Although it's a common ingredient in the kitchen, baking soda is actually a powerful exfoliant that can remove the top dead layer of skin, thus leaving blackheads no place to hide.


  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon water


Combine baking soda and water until a paste is formed. Add more water if necessary. Very gently massage onto skin, concentrating on affected areas (avoid super sensitive areas altogether) for one to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly. You may initially see redness upon rinsing but this typically fades within an hour (read: don't do this treatment before stepping out for a hot date!).

Now get out there and take your skin into your own hands!

Recipes adapted from Homemade Beauty: 150 Simple Beauty Recipes Made From All-Natural Ingredients by Annie Strole. (c) 2014 by Annie Strole. A Perigee Book, Penguin Group USA, a Penguin Random House Company.

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