30 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were At Burning Man 2014

I've gone to Burning Man every year for the past four years. I'm a creative, curious person at heart, so while I wasn't exactly sure what the experience would be like, I wanted to check it out. I keep going to Burning Man because it's one of the most creative, inspiring places in the world.

Burning Man is about art first, despite media coverage to the contrary. Creativity and generosity are everywhere. The thousands of makers who migrate to Black Rock City every year construct this fully functioning city (including a post office, hospital, airport, street signage, etc.), along with numerous art projects.

The people who create this are not financially motivated; they do so out of passion and generosity.

After the weeklong event, the entire city disappears, leaving no trace. I volunteer with Black Rock Yearbook, a theme camp that provides the gift of portrait photography to participants. On my own, I love photographing and documenting artwork on the playa as a gift to those who are unable to attend.

My biggest take-away from Burning Man is that there are people in the world intentionally choosing to build amazing art and communities. Participants come together here, despite the physical struggle of such an inhospitable climate, to make the impossible possible and alive. If we as humanity can build this, then imagine what else we can accomplish together.

I hope this selection of Burning Man photos sparks your creativity and sense of wonder.

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