Is It OK To Recline Your Seat On An Airplane?

Flights are stressful. You're hurtling across the sky, crammed in tight quarters with strangers, many of whom are annoying.

On Monday, a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver was diverted to Chicago after two passengers became embroiled in an unresolvable argument over the use of a product called the Knee Defender, which sells for $21.95 and prevents the seat in front of the user from reclining.

According to 9News Denver, a 48-year-old man used the Knee Defender — which is banned by United — to block the woman in front of him from reclining. The woman, also 48, took umbrage, began arguing, and eventually threw a cup of water at the man. Both passengers were in the Economy Plus seats, which have four extra inches of legroom compared to the average coach seat.

While this story of children in adult bodies is easy to gawk at, it's an important reminder that we can all probably handle stressful situations with more ease and grace. Might we suggest some simple relaxation tips?

And if you're going to fly, here are 12 stretches you can do in the air without annoying your neighbors.

Either way, you should probably avoid both annoying your fellow passengers and reacting violently to them.

What's your take? Do you recline your seat on airplanes?

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