How To Activate Your Home To Attract More Love

If you want more love in your life, you have to first start with loving where you are right now. Yes that means who you are as a human, but it also refers to where you call home. Here are a few tips that will jump start the energetic field in your home to beam out more love. Like attracts like.

1. Get rid of the old.

Clear out, parcel up or throw away letters or photos from old relationships and any other clutter that’s not you anymore. It’s not that you're pretending these things don’t exist, they just aren’t who you are anymore. You've moved past them, so let your home radiate that. If for some reason you can’t let go, or are slow to let go of these items, put them in a box with a lid and bless it.

2. Implement a "no shoe" zone.

Whether this it's in your bedroom, entryway or your entire home, removing your shoes indicates you're shifting into a new space. The more you connect to the earth with your feet, the more you are rooting down to rise up into who you want to be. Another benefit of a shoe-free zone is choosing to walk through your house with bare, vulnerable feet, rather than the protection of the soles of your shoes.

3. Create a nook of sacred space (and use it).

Whether it’s some sort of alter, your yoga mat, your meditation area or a quiet place where you're surrounded by all your favorite things. The more you invest in your sacred space, the more it will invest in you by providing you with the insights and guidance you desire.

Don’t just create it, use it. Start with five minutes at a time of hanging out there in a seated and relaxed position, focusing on your breath.

4. Make your bed each day with intention and gratitude.

Your bed is a space you would like to savor, so treat it this way. Keep your sheets clean and fresh, and keep the space around your bed free of clutter and electronic devices. Your bed is a place to dream, relax and renew. Treat it with the same energy you want it to give back to you.

5. Clean out your closet.

Choose to keep the clothes that make you feel alive and expressed, and keep them accessible and organized. If there are clothes you can’t get rid of, box them up, and give the box to a friend or keep it out of sight; revisit the box in six months. This clothing ceremony will keep your clothes activated and help you understand what you love and what you’re ready to pass along for someone else's enjoyment.

6. Clean out your cupboards and your fridge.

In this kitchen audit, look for things that are expired, full of GMOs or are not in line with your nutrition goals, and bless them as you part ways with them. You don’t want any unused item in there taking up space.

Replace with items that will nourish you.

7. Create several paths of least resistance.

Here are some examples …

*If you want to start your morning off with tea, make it easily accessible.

*If you want to do more yoga, post a class schedule in a place you’ll see it.

*If you want to drink more water, fill up your bottles and put them in the fridge.

*If you want to take more vitamins, place them in an easy accessible place.

8. Post insightful reminders around your house.

Choose places that are both in your line of regular vision, or out of your vision, such as inside a cupboard, inside the refrigerator, inside a drawer.

Your reminders can be whatever you want: ”Be more love,” “You are funny,” or “Smile, there’s love here.” It’s whatever you want to be reminded of when you need it.

May these changes awaken some huge shifts in you, and I hope you take the time to enjoy whatever this day brings you.

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