Millennials Don't Go To McDonald's Anymore

Remember those restless summer nights, when all you could do for entertainment was drive around and eventually stop by a fast-food restaurant to chow down on some processed meat in a parking lot?

Well, times are changing; according to The Wall Street Journal, millennials are finding new ways to drown out their emotions, leaving burger behemoth McDonald's scrambling to replace the lost revenue.

With McDonald's suffering its worst monthly revenue decline in more than a decade, the WSJ points to a drop in young customers as the cause.

Has a new generation decided to give up on McDonald's in favor of healthier, more productive time-wasting activities like exercise, volunteering, or studying? No! But they're going to other fast food chains:

McDonald's stagnancy points to a new direction in fast food, one that favors fresh ingredients and quality sourcing. The changing tastes of millennials could mean better food options for everyone!

What do you think? Do you know anyone who still goes to McDonald's?

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