How To Find The Courage To Walk Away From Money & Security

You’re on top of the world. A thriving career, plenty of money, a nice house, and (finally!) a sense of security. But what you really want, most of all … you don’t have.

Maybe, really, deep down … you want to write a book. Or start your own business. Or find true love. Or have a child. Or travel the world. Or switch gears completely, go back to school, and start a radically different career.

You find yourself having the same conversation, on repeat, with your friends.

I really want [insert your deepest desire here], but …

You’re tired of hearing yourself voice the same roadblocks and excuses, over and over again. (Your friends are growing a bit weary, too.)

In the end, it all comes down to this:

Do you have the courage to walk away from the life that you know … into the unknown?

Maybe the answer is, Yes, I do. I just have to.

Maybe the answer is, No, I don’t. It’s just not worth the risk.

Whatever you decide … well, that’s your decision. But at some point, you’ve got to choose and commit to that choice. Otherwise, you’re likely to keep spinning and second-guessing for the rest of your life. (And that’s deeply unfair to yourself. Not to mention: deeply un-fun.)

If you’re feeling stuck — trying to figure out if you’ve got what it takes to walk away from money, security, and the life that you know — these questions might help:

  • Am I living someone else‘s script? Someone else’s definition of success?
  • Am I willing to live a life where I’m always wondering, What if...?
  • Am I willing to live a life where every second thought is, I wish…?
  • Am I willing to live with a constant feeling inside (a subtle feeling, probably, but present nonetheless) that something’s not quite right?
  • Am I going to let fear cheat me out of what I really want? Can I live with that?

And, most importantly of all:

Am I willing to start making small changes — baby steps, every day — towards creating the life I desire?

These are big questions, and they can trigger big emotions. Stay with those feelings — don’t sweep them under a rug. Those feelings are your teachers, trying to help you understand what you need. What truly matters, to you.

One last thought, before you go …

So often, when people talk about making significant life changes, they talk about “walking away” from something.

  • Walking away from a golden opportunity.
  • Walking away from a steady marriage.
  • Walking away from a terrific career.

But when your heart is calling — pleading, begging — for you to take a different path, perhaps the real question is not:

What am I walking away from?

But rather:

What am I walking toward?

Think about what you are walking toward — what you're building, creating, choosing to invite into your life, at long last! — and then ask, Is it worth it? I’ll bet this time, the answer is “YES!” And I know you can do it.

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