26 Tips To Love Your Home Yoga Practice

Creating and sustaining an at-home yoga practice can be empowering, exciting, but sometimes overwhelming — how do I even begin?!

I find that the best tips are simple, easy to implement suggestions that can help you cultivate a great practice space right at home. The ABCs of yoga allow you to infuse your practice with meaningful postures and breath work, and keep your inspiration and motivation high so you can continue to show up on your mat each and every day.

Try these basic yoga ABCs to assist you in creating and sustaining an at-home practice that you love!

Address your imbalances in your body and mind throughout your practice.

Be OK with periods of lack of inspiration, willpower, and even practice.

Create an inspirational space like an altar, that is part of your practice area that includes poetry, mantras, or photos that inspire you. Try essential oils, candles, or yoga props that can help elevate your experience.

Devote a set amount of time each day to your yoga practice — whether it entails Asana, meditation, or Pranayama —  they all count!

Excitement! Find the thrill in your practice. Try sharing your love for yoga with others, instead of as just another chore to check off your to-do list.

Find a support network that includes teachers, mentors, and friends who share in your passion for yoga and wellness.

Get yourself to a workshop, a group-led class, or a continuing education training every so often.

Heal with "Savasana days," by taking a break from your practice to recalibrate and reset — finding inspiration off the mat.

Intentions: include long-term intentions when planning and refining your practice sequence.

Journal your on-the-mat experiences and make post-practice writing an important part of your ritual.

Keep your mat out in plain sight. This will serve as a constant reminder to step onto your mat and continue to remind you of the space you've created to do self-work at home.

Let go of judgment, or expectation. Your at-home practice is not the same experience as a group class or being led by a guide or teacher.

Make your mat time a priority by scheduling it into your day and week.

Navigate the pose and stay in it, until you feel ready to move on.

Observe your energy pre and post-practice. Let this inform your sequences, practice durations, and Savasana length.

Practice in the same area each time. Again, creating a sacred space or an altar will continue to invite you back to the mat time and time again.

Question each practice with: where should I send my attention, love, and effort?

Request support and respect from those who share your life and practice space.

Set simple sequences that you are comfortable with at home.

Tend to the part of you that never wants to stop learning by deepening your practice through healing and wellness texts, websites, blogs, etc.

Understand the foundations of asana modifications, and sequencing.

Vary the amount of time that you practice to cater to your needs and time restrictions.

Well-rounded practices are sustainable practices! Once you have worked through any physical imbalances, hone in on a sequence that brings symmetry to your body.

X-ercise a working knowledge of poses and counterposes as you sequence and practice.

Yin and Yang should be an intrinsic part of your practice. Note if you are inclined to one over the other and how your emergency and tendencies play into the time you spend in poses of each on the mat.

Zero in on what makes you come to the mat over and over again. Let the answers be your catalyst for committing daily to an at-home practice.

What’s your favorite letter? What must-share tip do you have when it comes to cultivating a home yoga practice that you love? Share in the comments section below!

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