19 Reasons You Feel Unfulfilled & Uninspired (And What To Do Instead)

Written by Ashley Wilhite

You wake up each morning dreading the day ahead. Traffic jams, stale coffee, and a boss who's lost sight of the big picture. You want more than fluorescent lights, superficial meetings, and inauthentic connections.

You know you're meant for something bigger.

Maybe you want to walk away from your 9-5 and become a health coach. Maybe you want become a yoga instructor in Belize, start an Etsy shop showcasing your passion for knitting, or write full time.

So, what's holding you back? Why are you still here and not where you want to be? Here are 19 reasons you don't feel fulfilled, plus how to change that feeling!

1. You're not motivated.

You're waiting for someone else to come along and motivate you. Uhh, problem is, no one is coming. Ask yourself, "What one thing can I do today that will have the biggest impact on my life?"

2. You blame other people.

Usually, about 80% of the reason you haven't made as much progress as you'd like is because of you. Only 20% of what's stopping you is external. How are you holding yourself back?

3. You waste time.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Netflix. Happy hour with co-workers you don't really like anyway. You know what I'm talking about. If it's not filling you up, stop it now.

4. You don't take care of yourself.

You aren't getting enough sleep, you aren't exercising, and you're eating crap that tastes delicious, but has zero nutrients. What should you start doing? What should you stop doing?

5. You don't stretch your mind.

When was the last time you read a book to learn something? Do you regularly take classes or attend conferences to become the best at what you want to do?

6. You expect yourself to be perfect.

Just stop. Be prepared to fail over and over again before you get it right.

7. You aren't clear on your goals.

Do you even know what you want? Do you know what you're working toward? You need this clarity before you can move forward.

8. You think you know it all.

Instead of doing this, find out what other successful people are doing and do those same things until you're where you want to be.

9. You don't finish things.

You have too many projects happening at once and you can't finish any of them. Finish what you started before moving on.

10. You get distracted.

Replying to emails. Answering the phone. Making appointments. Those things can wait. Focus on what's important in this moment.

11. You're too focused on today.

If you don't have a long-term view of what you want, you'll sabotage yourself by doing what's easy or convenient.

12. You don't set priorities.

Learn to say no. What can you gracefully eliminate from your to-do list?

13. You don't have a plan.

Do you know what needs to happen next? Are you prepared to take that step?

14. You're your own worst critic.

Become your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself to do your best and believe that you will follow through.

15. You don't set deadlines.

Hold yourself accountable. Make it a game. Beat that deadline.

16. You complain.

Instead, look for the solution. How can you move past this problem?

17. You let setbacks stop you.

Find the silver lining. Look for the lesson you can pull from the experience.

18. You don't create time.

Are you carving out large chunks of time to work on your goals? Set aside time each day to focus on what's important to you.

19. You don't make every minute count.

Nothing will help you more than getting things done. Make it count. Do it now.

So, what are you going to do today to feel fulfilled and inspired? How are you going to get yourself closer to where you want to be?

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