6 Easy Ways To Check Your Wellness Each Morning

Written by Tamara Jacobi

You’ve just crawled out of bed and have wandered into the bathroom. It’s time to get yourself ready for the day! If you’re like me, you might wash your face, spend a few minutes oil pulling, brushing your teeth, and taming wild hair. Why not add a few other simple things to your routine?

Morning is a great time to check in with yourself and monitor your body for subtle imbalances. By paying attention to the following signs, you'll get tremendous insight into what’s going on inside your body. A few minutes extra minutes in the bathroom can be extremely useful in your quest for optimal health.

1. Check your tongue color.

Since you’re standing in front of the mirror you might as well stick out your tongue. What color is it? Dark red or more of a light pink? The shade of your tongue is a good indication of the inflammation in your body. The darker the red, the more inflamed. Ideally your tongue should be light pink. If your tongue appears inflamed it might be time to focus on a more anti-inflammatory diet.

2. Look at your eyes.

Now look into your eyes. What do you see? Are the whites of your eyes (around the pupils) clear and white, or are they yellowish or bloodshot? The whites of your eyes should be a healthy white and clear. Yellow might indicate a build up of toxins and imbalance in the body. Red and bloodshot may indicate inflammation, fatigue or stress.

3. Ask yourself how your mouth tastes and feels.

Slightly sour morning mouth is fairly normal, but if you have a unusually strong breath or a significant build up of white gunk in or around the corners of your mouth this may be a red flag that something is out of whack. You may be struggling with a food sensitivity or a build up of toxins in the body.

4. Examine your poop.

Most people prefer to flush before they check out what’s in the toilet bowl. But wait! Your bowel movements are an excellent way to gain some insight into how things are going inside your body. Ideally, you should be having one to three bowel comfortable movements a day. Check out this great infographic for what healthy poop should look like.

5. Observe your skin.

As you’re washing your face and moisturizing your body, observe your skin and watch for any changes or irritation. If you notice anything unusual you may be able to identify or prevent more serious internal health issues.

6. Test your pH.

If you have an extra moment in the morning, get out your litmus paper and to test your pH. Use either saliva or urine (the second pee of the day will give you a more accurate reading). Ideally, you’re aiming for a neutral pH. An overly acidic or overly alkaline body can result in a variety of different physical problems. The standard American diet currently focuses on primarily acidifying foods (proteins, grains, dairy, and sugar). If you’re finding that your body is too acidic, it’s time to focus on more alkalizing foods such as dark leafy greens and veggies.

Running through this little routine each morning is a great way to establish a healthy relationship with your body!

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