How Taking Care Of Yourself Can Help You Find The One

Could creating a nourishing, balanced lifestyle and diet lead you to your perfect match? Could focusing on yourself, how you feel inside and out play a part? Yes!

Here are five reasons why nourishing yourself can help you find true love:

1. The more you value yourself, the more others will value you as well.

How can you expect someone to appreciate and respect who you are if you don’t? Sitting around eating junk food and constantly beating yourself up emotionally sends out the message to the world that that's all you're worth. It’s all you deserve. I want you to reverse this message! It starts with you and your daily decisions — both mentally and physically.

2. The clarity you gain from a healthy, nourishing diet will allow you to be yourself.

You will be so beautifully vulnerable, authentic and 100% you — allowing your perfect match to find you so much more easily. You don't have to be perfect. Your perfect match will adore who you really are, through and through.

3. You'll be a more positive person.

Confidence, happiness and self-worth shine through. Could there be anything more attractive than a woman who embraces who she really is, has a huge zest for life and is empowered? That's beautiful beyond description. Eating junky foods with toxic ingredients will make this impossible. Begin today!

4. You will fall in love with yourself.

This is not selfish or egotistical. It’s not coming from a place of fear, but such a raw place for love of the self.

The fact that you value yourself, practice extreme self-care (nutrition is such a huge part of this) every day, have clarity and confidence will mean that you are happy to just be you and do your own thing. You won't be waiting for your life to start, or waiting for someone else to make you happy, because you already are. That's one of the sexiest things in the world.

5. You'll stop doing things you don't actually want to do.

Get deep with yourself. Ask yourself, How many of the things I’m doing in my life or feel like I need to be doing would be on a “should” list rather than a “could” list if I wrote them down? How many of these things are done for others only to leave me bitter and aggravated later? How many things per week, per day do I do for myself?

Explore this. Journal it out. Talk to someone, like a coach or a friend. It will open new doors instantly.

I truly believe that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to pay close attention to the foods we put into our precious bodies. Without this, we can not expect to truly live, but instead, we will merely exist.

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