Man Loses Over 200 lbs with Help of Chocolate?!

Peter Ajello once lived on a diet that consisted almost entirely of fast-food. He tipped the scales at 450 lbs, but after suffering a stroke, decided to make a lifestyle and diet change.

Peter cut out junk food, BUT: "Every time his will power started to fade he would treat himself to a small square of rich, dark chocolate -- just enough to satisfy his sweet cravings."

The pounds quickly came off and his friends even bet him $15,000 that he couldn't lose 100 lbs in five months. (They were wrong -- he did it.) They even tried to sabotage his diet during the last month:

In a total of sixteen months, Peter lost over 200 lbs. You can check out Peter's website to read more about his amazing story.

Go Peter!

via diet blog via dailymail

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