Is Your Relationship Holding You Back?

Written by Raquel Vasallo

As your dreams get bigger, your awareness changes and what you think is possible for you is so much greater. Unfortunately, your partner might not be growing at the same pace and can be resistant to follow along.

A typical symptom of this is coming home all excited to talk about your plans or your "big dream," and when you share it, you get an answer along the lines of, "Why would you want anything else? What we have is fine."

What can you do?

I've been there, and this only keeps you from having all that you deserve in your life. That is when it hits you: you're growing and he is not. He wants everything to stay exactly the same. Unfortunately, that is a recipe for unhappiness.

Here are five questions to ask yourself if your relationship is stalled or holding you back. This will also help you understand what type of relationship you're in so that you can make a choice that will support your highest potential and your long-term happiness.

1. What do you want in the next phase of your life?

List all the things that you want in your love life, career, where to live, family plans, and so on.

2. Is your relationship giving you all that you want or is it taking it away from you?

Be really honest, and make sure to write it down; It will help you see what is really going on.

3. Are you trying to convince yourself over and over that things will change?

Name all the things you have been needing or wanting to change in the relationship and ask yourself how long they have been the same.

4. Is the relationship making you grow or is it keeping you small?

This is how you will uncover the type of relationship you are in. If it is not for your growth anymore, it's probably already served its purpose, and it's time to move on.

5. What do you need to let go of?

Is it your dreams so that the relationship can stay in the status quo, or is it the relationship so that you can have everything that you want?

At first it might be difficult to admit to yourself that what you need to let go of is your relationship. If you're unsure, or scared to even think it, go back to the list of all the things you want for the new phase of your life. It will point you to your answer.

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