Walking 30 Minutes A Day Can Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Written by mindbodygreen

Post-menopausal women who walk a mere 30 minutes per day are 10 percent less likely to get breast cancer, according to a wide-reaching study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

While we've known for a while that exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of cancer, this study of nearly 60,000 women suggests that even a low level of exertion provides protective benefits. The key, though, is consistency: the effect was only observed in those who have been walking for at least four years.

What's more, the preventative benefits of walking appeared to recede rapidly when the women stopped. The Telegraph has details:

Women who had been active and had stopped more than five years ago, were more than 16 per cent likely to develop cancer than those who continued. The findings were not affected by the women's weight or waist circumference showing that the benefits came from being active, not from losing weight.

So get out there and get moving, and don't worry about whether your activity level is intense enough! Every little bit helps.

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