I Hit My Breaking Point. Here's What I Learned

In the past 18 months, I had a tough pregnancy, changed jobs, worked through relationship issues, had a baby who screamed until I developed post-natal depression, and then my best friend broke up with me.

And all this is why — after 10 years of ignoring the work I had to do on myself — I finally had to stop, listen to what the Universe was telling me, and make some changes.

What's frustrating about this is that I knew way back at the beginning that I was on a path that wasn't going to make me happy or bring out the best in me. Right after graduation, I started at the accounting firm Deloitte. Within a couple of weeks, I hated everything about it: the people I worked with, the feeling of being trapped in a cubicle, and the work I had to do.

After six months, I told a friend I hated it. After a year, I told her I hated it, but this time I said I wanted to get hit by a bus on the way to work, and get really badly injured so I didn’t have to go to work anymore. That’s when she told me that it was time to get out. So I did, but I moved to a different job, to climb yet another corporate ladder that didn't feel right.

I pushed down that little voice inside me, and kept on swimming against my own current.

But I can’t do that anymore. I got to that breaking point where things got too bad to ignore, so it’s time to listen to that voice and make choices that make me happy.

I’ve been working recently with a coach to help me learn to hear the voice of my soul and find my flow and my purpose. Here are some of the lessons I'm learning:

1. There are lots of ways to let your light shine.

There is no need to follow a path that isn’t going to make me happy, just because I can be successful at it. My light, my joy, is the best thing about me, so finding ways to express that has to be my biggest goal.

2. Only when you're happy can you spread happiness to others.

My uncle used to say this, too. He thought the purpose of life was to be happy, as once you’re happy then you can spread that, while miserable people spread misery. Now it resonates so much for me.

3. Don't let those old cobwebs dim your light.

We all have beliefs about ourselves. I have ideas about who I am meant to be, what success looks like, and where my abilities lie. But these ideas don’t serve me any longer. To follow a new path, I have to let go of those old beliefs and build new ones.

What about you? Do you have beliefs about yourself that you need to let go of?

4. You are not alone.

And neither are you. If you let your light shine, people will try to let it warm them. So spread your light, connect, and let the joy around you grow.

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