Organic Egg Scorecard... Not So Good

Just when you thought seeing a USDA Organic seal on eggs was enough, something like this comes out. Food advocacy group, The Cornucopia Institute, released a report on organic eggs and it turns out that some organic brands are actually buying from factory farms, saying that "some of the factory farm operators literally raise millions of birds (both conventional and organic) with as many as 85,000 'organic' hens in single buildings."

You can check out the Organic Egg Scorecard here as they rate brands from 1-to-5 eggs, with a 5-egg rating being exemplary and a 1-egg rating being "ethically deficient -- industrial organics/no meaningful outdoor access and/or none were open enough to participate."

Unfortunately, a lot of private label brands received 1-egg ratings. Ouch.

image via OrganicLifestyle

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