How Getting Fleas In A Motel Changed My Life

Yes, I got fleas staying at a cheap motel on the Tijuana border, and yes, it changed my business forever. I didn’t even know it was possible for a human to get fleas until yesterday morning when I saw a parade of tiny insects doing somersaults on my ankles.

My first reaction was to curse that damn motel chain for putting me in a pet-friendly room. If they hadn’t been sold out of the nonsmoking, non-pet-friendly rooms, I wouldn’t be so itchy from these dumb fleas. As the expletives I was going to scream at the manager were forming in my head, another voice began to speak louder. The voice in my head said, You asked for this, Lloyd. It happened FOR you, not TO you.

I put down the calamine lotion and told this inner voice of supposed wisdom to continue.

The voice of wisdom continued talking and told me that the itchy, burning sensation caused by the flea bites was a reminder for me to go inside and investigate my choice to stay in the cheapest hotel I could find. Investigate your choice and the world will be your oyster.

I sat down to investigate my choice to stay in a cheap motel on the very last exit in San Diego before hitting the Mexican border. It didn’t take long for me to understand why I stayed there. It was a very conscious choice. That motel that gifted me the ungodly, itchy delightfulness was half the price of others with more than one star.

So, I decided to sacrifice my comfort to save a couple bucks. I was afraid that if I didn’t pinch my pennies, I wouldn’t have enough money to fund my cross-country move that I was in the process of finalizing. Lack! The decision came from a place of fear.

I was depressed for the 24 hours that I was in that hotel. I felt poor, unmotivated, defeated, and frustrated with my life. My joy of being by the ocean dissipated and was replaced by fear, and it all started from that one decision to trade my inherent right to abundance for unsafe frugality. I began examining other decisions that I make in everyday life based on the presence of a feeling of lack or fear.

Here are a few that I discovered:

My decision to buy conventional fruit instead of organic was a decision made from a place of feeling like I didn't have enough.

My decision to skip the Beyoncé concert this year was a decision made from a place of feeling like I didn't have enough.

My decision to wear my shoes until they literally fell off of my feet was a decision made from a place of feeling like I didn't have enough.

I decided to be more aware of the decisions I make every day that come from this place and try something new. Instead of making decisions that way, I was going to make the decision from a place of abundance. I would say to myself, “What I want is more expensive than part of me wants to pay, but I’m willing to take care of the part of me that is afraid to spend this money and trust that I am abundant, worth the price, and will experience more prosperity if I allow myself to make prosperous decisions.”

After just one day of doing this, I landed the largest deal I’ve ever made in the history of my business. I didn’t even have to work for it.

I got a random email from a potential client, spoke to him for a couple of minutes, and he was chomping at the bit to pay me well over anything I had ever charged before. I finally manifested a large sum of money overnight because I changed the vibration of my life.

By becoming aware of patterns that I had learned from childhood to be cheap and save because of perceived scarcity, I allowed myself to open up the gates of prosperity and finally receive the abundance I had been begging the universe for all these years.

It all finally clicked, thanks to those terrible fleas.

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