Hey Girl, Please Don't Get Botox

Recently, I practiced yoga next to a fellow yoga instructor. Her face was frozen from fillers, and I found my heart swelling with sadness for what seemed to be a woman projecting some illusion of beauty out into the world. Then she took off her top, revealing melon-shaped implants spilling over her shirt. I smiled with compassion (more than approval) as having taught in Beverly Hills for 15 years, I understand the insecurity that lies beneath most fillers and implants.

She told me of her neck issues, joint pain and physical limitations. I wasn't surprised, knowing the side effects of breast implants and toxic fillers. What did shock me is that a yoga instructor would consciously forego her health for a desire to be a commercialized form of "sexy."

Anyone can buy a Barbie face and body ... and much like a Louis Vuitton bag, people carry their silicone baggies as if they are better people for having them.

Why would anyone enjoy something that is inauthentic, is fake and that anyone can have? There is so much more beauty and character in loving and being who you truly are, while also attracting someone who loves you for just that. Unfortunately, far too many people confuse being desired with being loved.

Let's start with some basic facts about plastic surgery:

1. Breast and gluteal implants are literally silicone covered baggies stuffed into either a person's chest cavity or under their gluteus maximus, and muscles and vital tissue are cut to get these baggies in place.

2. Scar tissue accumulates around all implants as a means for the body to protect itself from the foreign object and the microbes that grow on them.

3. Botox is made from botulinum toxin, which is a highly toxic substance.

Women hold the ultimate power and control over what is defined as a sexy woman.

Sadly, however, the majority of women have been led to believe otherwise and therefore succumb to sexual objectification. If women truly embraced their natural beauty and respected their value as powerful, feminine humans, men would have no choice but to follow their example (as some do).

I am certainly not denying the magnificence and artistry of beauty, or subtle plastic surgery (if one is willing to gamble all of the risks), because I also know that gravity is not always our friend. However, when a woman's obsession with image overrides self-love, health, personal authenticity and purpose, it lacks integrity.

How is it that we can appreciate Mona Lisa's beautiful nose, and yet we can't appreciate our own beauty?

I personally find natural women infinitely more attractive because:

1. They are real, and there is no accomplishment associated with plastic surgery as there is with loving oneself.

2. Natural women tend to be healthier, therefore radiating happiness, which is truly as beautiful and sexy as it gets. Living with toxic silicone baggies and scar tissue inside your body diminishes energy flow, as well as overall systemic functioning.

Personally, I would much rather be alone, loving myself authentically than to be in anyone's company that loves me for someone who I am not.

We each contribute to our collective consciousness.

Beyond the amount of toxic waste that plastic surgery contributes to our already compromised planet, the practice shows how superficial our societies are, as a whole.

I am so much more than how I look.

And the natural me holds far more power than our man-made world.

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