How I Learned To Stay True, Get Paid & Do Good

Written by Rha Goddess

One of the most prevalent and destructive myths of our culture is the belief that the universe is scarce. That there is not enough to go around. That we are not enough. The Myth of Scarcity says there are winners and losers, smart people and dummies, icons and outcasts, have’s and have-not’s, those who deserve and the undeserving.

The Myth also says that there is not enough love, not enough money, not enough opportunity and definitely not enough room for all of us to party at the top. The Myth asks a high price — it keeps us from seeing the abundance and possibility for fulfillment that is already in our lives. And, yet we keep buying into it. Frankly my dears, we’re being robbed blind of our birthright — the right to thrive and prosper.

We all have the opportunity to build, truly believe in and experience the world as abundant, life-giving and nourishing. We all have the right to define our own flavor of success. We just need to know how to shift our mindset.

The Law of Pure Potentiality (thank you, Deepak Chopra!) says: I AM Creative. If you truly accept your own creativity, then it means that:

  • You are 100% responsible for your reality.
  • You can let go of the old tired story that everything is happening to you.
  • You can shift from victim to visionary.

Let me tell you, this shift ain’t easy. As a child of Civil Rights activists and later as a female MC in holding up the last bastion of conscious hip-hop, all my life I was taught that the only way to change the world and my life was to fight the dark forces outside of myself. And that only after the long, hard battle would I win freedom, peace, respect, love and success. Because of this paradigm, my dreams for myself and for the world were always just barely out of reach.

I realized that I was seeking outside affirmation of my value and capacity; and as long as I did that, I would never be satisfied. The Myth propagates that there will never be enough success, love or money for me AND my community. That if I see brilliance and success outside, that means they have it, and by default I do not. It’s a no-win.

But, that is not what the Law of Pure Potentiality says. The Law says it is all in here. We already have access to everything we need. This one insight transformed my perception of what was possible for me because it gave me the permission to ask myself “What do I want to create?” and put the onus back on me, instead of tethering my worth to outside forces.

I felt powerful. I was on track to becoming the conscious co-creator of my life — applying my skills as an artist and an entrepreneur to my soul. With that powerful question in mind and the Law as my guide, I became still and looked within to see what answers I might hear.

Get With Your Inner-Guide Tip: Whether you find stillness through yoga, running or dance (moving it out), being with nature (communing), praying (asking), meditating (receiving), a combination or some other form, you need to quiet the chatter in your mind. A few deep breaths can sometimes be enough. Get still, ask, trust what you receive, act.

My answer came in the form of a mantra, an inner voice saying, stay true, get paid, do good. When I finally spoke the vision, I felt overwhelmed with the simplicity and bigness of it … but then came the drama!

The Growing Edge Warning

Whenever we grow and stretch, our greatest fears are right there, ready to pounce! This is another reason why we need our vibrant vision to hold onto — to combat the worry, fear and culturally dominant scarcity mindset that will rear back and fight when it’s being threatened. In order to keep in line with our vision, we have to let go of what is holding us back in order to make room.

  • I had to give up being irresponsible to embrace being in my power.
  • I had to give up being liked to embrace being respected.
  • I had to give up being accommodating to embrace owning my value.
  • I had to give up struggling financially to embrace being profitable.

None of this guidance was in any business school, investors pitch, entrepreneurial workshop, chart or graph of projections that I ever saw.

The courage was found in me. And through my sometimes wobbling but always persistent courage and willingness, I was able to face, understand and dissolve the Myth that was living inside me. This was the key to learning how to handle my business.

The Law healed me. Now it’s my life’s work to support the next generation of conscious entrepreneurs in their commitment to discover their own creative force, empower themselves and transform our society.

If we can find the courage to deeply embrace and embody a worldview that is abundant, anything is possible. We can all dance to the flavor of our own success. We can all party on the mountaintop. We can all stay true, get paid, and do some mother-loving-good.

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