Is Your Intuition Trying To Guide You, But You're Just Not Paying Attention?

mbg Contributor By Ashley Cebulka
mbg Contributor
Ashley Cebulka is a life coach, motivational speaker, and writer based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Do you ever feel a bit stuck when it comes to trusting your gut? If so, I totally get it. I know how commonly people say to one another, “Just listen your intuition,” as if it’s always easy as pie. At least I know in the self-help world, that term is thrown around like baguettes in Paris.

But often, and I mean very often, people don’t know how to get in touch with — let alone listen to — this golden gem inside themselves.

Rather than beat around the bush, let’s dive into five simple ways you can listen to your intuition right now (and in any given moment, really.)

1. Ask for guidance.

I don’t mean asking your neighbor what your intuition has to say. Instead, take a moment to close your eyes and ask whatever you believe in (the universe, spirit, god, Buddha, highest self, etc.) to give you guidance. Ask for answers to a specific question, then listen up. Perhaps take it a step further and write down any answers or thoughts that come to your mind.

2. Decide if your answer to a question is “hell YES!” or “hell NO!”?

Ahh, I’ll admit this is my personal favorite, for obvious reasons. It’s fun to ask, and it’s incredibly thrilling to answer with such a concise answer.

When you find yourself considering what decision to make, ask yourself this very question.

For example, “Do I want to go to ______ restaurant tonight? Is it a 'hell yes' or 'hell no?'” Whatever answer comes up first is your answer.

I just love how delicious instant gratification can be, don’t you?

3. Tune in to your body to see if it's expanding or contracting.

Our bodies are way more brilliant than we give them credit for. They embody the wisdom of our soul. As a matter of fact, they hold the answers that we often spend way too much time mulling over in our minds, to the point we give ourselves headaches.

Why not use this body intelligence to your advantage and give your mind a bit of a rest?

Ask yourself a question like, “Is it a good idea for me to take this new work opportunity?” Then breathe into your body. As you breathe, does your body feel like it’s expanding (your ribs, your belly, your lungs)? Do you feel a lightness in your chest? If so, this is a “YES!”

Or do you feel like you’re contracting? Do you suddenly have heartburn? Yikes!

Is your chest shrinking, or your stomach in knots? Are you a bit short of breath, or simply feel an overall tightness in your body? If so, you guessed it; this is a big fat “NO.” Or at least a “Nope, not this time.”

4. Take fear out of the equation.

When you take fear out of the equation, you miraculously land in a loving intuitive state. As you may have heard before, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. When you give yourself permission to trust the answers that come up when fear isn’t involved, you'll have confidence in moving forward with your gut instincts.

5. Trust that you have the answers inside you.

If this seems a little daunting, that’s OK. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Take a baby step and consider that you may be able to fully trust that you already have the answers within you. Really think of that as an option.

If you are having trouble with that, let me share a little secret with you.

Before we go any further, please know I mean this lovingly.

You are not the one and only person on earth who was born without intuition; you are not an exception here. We all, every single one of us, has an intuition.

The good news: you can’t get it wrong. You aren’t being graded at the end of the day for your performance in life, and there's no end destination.

As you strengthen trust in your inner knowledge, you'll experience more ease, more confidence and more excitement than you ever dreamed possible.

Enjoy the ride.

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