The Great Kale Shortage: We'll All Be OK

If you feel like you devour kale by the bushel — in salads, in smoothies, as kale chips and in sandwiches — then you were likely as upset as we were earlier this week when ABC News Australia reported on an impending global kale shortage:

"One of the world's major kale seed suppliers says it has run out of every variety of the trendy vegetable."

It turns out that Bejo Seeds, the Australian subsidiary of the world's largest kale seed suppliers, California-based Bejo Zaden, has run out of seeds of every kale variety.

While the Australian subsidiary is temporarily out of seeds, a top executive at its US branch says humanity is in the clear for now.

Yes, the current Australian shortage speaks to a stunning growth in the popularity of this superfood — Melbourne-based farmers are now putting in so many seeds a week (150,000, to be precise), that they ran out of seeds. The director of the Australian office told ABC Australia that he hopes they'll receive more seeds in September or October, but hasn't received confirmation on when exactly a new shipment will come in.

The good news is that enough kale has been planted worldwide that we'll all probably get through this scare just fine.

And for now at least, it seems that farmers outside of Australia are keeping up with this massively growing demand.

So eat up, drink up, and green up until further notice! And if you're still worried, (which is completely understandable) consider diversifying your produce cabinet with these superfoods!

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