Are You Way Too Hot To Handle? Why That’s A Good Thing

Growing up, I was a lot to handle. I was loud, I was energetic, I was active. Sometimes I would wave my hands so wildly that I’d knock over my drink at the dinner table. Sometimes I would get called out of class because I was the loudest voice in the room. I was excited. I was passionate. I was full of life.

However, I quickly learned that the loud, vivacious kid didn’t fit in. So I toned myself down. I closed myself up. I even had a boss once remark that I just fit in better when I toned down my personality.

But you can’t hold that much passion down for too long. And I ended up noticing that the more I just let my vivacious and express self be, the more successful I became.

Have you ever been told you’re a lot to handle?

Here are five reasons to pump up the volume and revel in the fact that you are, quite frankly, just way too much:

1. It keeps you from settling.

When you’re too much for people to handle, some dates can’t deal with you and some clients just aren’t ready for you.

That means that you repel people left and right, making room for those who actually love this side of you to find you.

You’re a wild stallion; instead of toning yourself down to meet people where they’re at, you need to find those who can keep up with you.

Right now, people are looking for exactly what you are, but they’ll never find it if you hide behind your generic mask.

2. It’s not hard to find your voice when it’s a loud one.

I always laugh when clients ask me how to find their voice. You’re using it every day. The problem is that you choke it so far down behind insecurities and social norms that it’s unrecognizable.

When you start letting yourself be too much and just voice your crazy, wild ideas, you begin to find exactly what you stand for and your unique expression in the world.

3. It means you're comfortable with yourself.

In a world where nobody feels good enough, it’s quite a feat to be too much. Instead of judging yourself according to how you’re not living up to somebody else’s standards, being too much means that you’re living up to your own standards — and then some.

Being too much reminds you that you are confidant enough to be yourself.

4. It’s contagious.

The more you revel in your crazy, loud, passionate self, the more you inspire other people to have the courage and permission to do it themselves, too.

You let people know that it’s safe to be completely themselves, no matter how wild and zany they may be.

5. You’re bursting at the seams anyway.

You’re not really fooling anyone. You may have the toned down act well-practiced, but we can still see your wild side bursting at the seams. We’ve all seen the girls who’s trying to be something that she’s not. She just looks awkward. So give yourself permission to be your most authentic self and take comfort in how natural that feels.

You’re a lot to handle. You’re fiery, you’re passionate, you’re over-the-top. There’s nobody quite like you in the world, so show us that unique personality that you bring to the table.

There are over seven billion people out there. Not everybody’s going to be able to handle you. But those of us who can are just waiting to see that calling card. We’re just waiting to see how vivacious and passionate you really are.

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