5 Ways To Be More Courageous To Create A Life You Love

Written by Megan Hale, LPC

People who are successful in creating a life that’s full of happiness have one simple quality in common: They’re courageous. They’re willing to push through the fear, push through the self-doubt, and go after the things they really want.

The things we want are not just meaningless aspects of ourselves. Most of them shed light on our true interests, skills, passions, and purpose. These aspects (our desires, dreams, and wishes) should not be overlooked. They serve as a guiding force in creating a life we really love.

Still, if you don’t have the courage to seek these realities for yourself, it’ll be difficult to aspire to true, soul-radiating happiness. This kind of happiness comes from living authentically and not only acknowledging our desires, but also having the courage to go after them.

So how can you cultivate more courage? Here are my five tips for becoming more courageous and going after your true desires:

1. Quit listening to the people who always complain, but never take action.

These are not the people who exhibit the courage to create change. Instead, be around the change-makers, the ones who are making things happen in their lives. These are the people who will inspire you to live more courageously because they are too!

2. Recognize that self-doubt is a normal experience.

Self-doubt doesn't imply an inability to be courageous. Any time we go in a new direction, self-doubt will rear its head. We don’t have a lot of experience to go on to form a realistic hypothesis on how well we’ll do. My advice: do it anyway. Self-doubt will always be there to deter you. Don’t give it more power than it already has.

3. Read books that inspire you.

Fill your Facebook feed with people who motivate you. Have discussions with those who are going after their dreams. Follow people who have begun to create a sense of happiness in their own lives. We want to fill our cup intentionally with positivity because this boosts our mood.

Having courage is tough as it is. It’s easier to be courageous when we’re feeling good about ourselves and have a little boost of confidence. Intentionally bring things into your awareness that boost this experience.

4. Know you’ll be OK even if you fail.

There’s a quote I live by that “No one ever really fails. They simply quit.” Courage is moving forward when there are no guarantees. Courage is going after your dreams even though there’s a chance they won’t be realized. Courage is knowing deep within yourself that no matter what happens, you’ll pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving. There will be plenty of reasons to quit your purpose along the way. I promise. But if you feel it’s your destiny to realize your dream, then keep going!

5. Practice vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the process of owning your story, every bit of it. It allows you to stand strong and appreciate the experiences that have made you you. We practice vulnerability by opening up to people we trust about our life process. We share our intimate feelings in a safe space that offers connection and understanding. This provides the foundation for us to step forward more courageously as we build increasing self-acceptance.

How tough is it for you to be courageous in going after what you really want in life? What holds you back? Every single one of us is capable of creating a life we truly love. We simply have to have the courage to make it happen. It means facing the hard stuff: old beliefs, self-doubt, criticism, fear, and everything that comes with them. We all have ‘em! Every single one of us. The ones who are successful simply move forward anyway using a shot of courage to get them there.

The good news is that you can too! You're quite capable of creating a life you love. Work on courage. This is how you build a bridge from desire to reality.

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