10 Time-Saving Tricks From A Natural Beauty Expert

As a full-time makeup artist, I don't always want to give myself a full face of makeup. Some days, I just want to get out the door quickly, and put in minimal effort to look a little bit better.

For this, my three essentials are concealer, mascara, and lipstick or lipgloss. The concealer brightens my tired-looking skin. The mascara opens my eyes. And the lipstick or gloss gives the look a little color.

Below are some other great tricks that I’ve found to help me save time. I'm not affiliated with any of these brands — I just like their products. I've listed my favorite eco makeup brands here.

1. Shower at night to shave time off your morning routine.

My allergist actually recommended that I shower at night so I can sleep in a clean, pollen-free environment. (Double bonus!)

2. Braid your hair before bed for fabulously styled hair in the morning.

After showering, I towel dry my hair really well, then I’ll braid it or put in a tight bun. In the morning when I let my hair down, there are beautiful natural waves.

One caveat with this technique: If you have thick hair, it could still be damp in the morning. The trick is to quickly blow-dry the bun or braid before letting them loose and you'll have fabulously styled hair. (Here is a braid tutorial for those who want to learn.)

3. Clean your face in an instant.

I love the Arcona rasberry clarifying face pads. They're particularly great after yoga or a workout session. A few swipes, and you've cleand and toned your skin.

4. Buy foundation with added benefits.

I really like Jane Iredale BB's Cream or her Warm Silk Liquid Minerals because both products do so many great things for your skin in one bottle: Sun protection, hydration, and full coverage.

5. Organize the night before.

This is key. Organize your makeup, accessories, and outfit the night before. If you really want to splurge when you travel, the company Blue Avocado makes a great kit that will even allow you to keep your makeup cool for up to six hours.

6. Get an instant glow without all the sun damage or chemicals.

Arcona self tanner is amazing! It’s non-toxic with natural looking results!

rms beauty’s living luminizer is a sure fix for dry or dull-looking skin. If you want that after-facial glow, this is it in a little glass jar.

7. Use the same color on your lips and cheeks.

Speaking of rms, I go everywhere with my rms beauty lip 2 cheek. Just as you'd guess, you can use the same color for your lips and cheeks!

8. Get longer lashes without mascara.

Longer Lash from Green Esthetics is an amazing way to keep your lashes long and natural without mascara! The product actually helps your lashes grow longer after about a month of use.

9. Check out this secret weapon for cracked heels, cuticles, and chapped lips.

All Good Goop healing balm by Elemental Herbs is a must in my medicine cabinet! My husband uses it as a pomade for his hair. I use it on my cuticles after a shower. You can also put it on cracked heels, bites, baby’s diaper rash, and chapped lips.

10. Save time making breakfast with this good-for-your-skin smoothie.

I love a smoothie in the morning for a quick power breakfast. Recently, I've gotten very into Aloha's dried green juice. I mix the packet with mangos, pineapple juice, and a banana. I swear it's been great for my skin!

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