Stacy Keibler Listens to Her Body, You Should Too!

Something once said to me by a nutritionist that really resonated with me was, “if there were one diet or exercise plan that worked for everyone, there would be one best-selling book, and that would be it.”

It seems so obvious now that I think about it, but I was blown away the time I first heard this. It makes complete sense. Yet for some reason we all eat up (or don’t eat up, more likely) every diet craze and fitness fad. We listen to so-called experts who claim to know what we need when we really need to be listening to our own bodies.

I have been very fortunate to interview many well-known women about Real Beauty, and I recently had the opportunity to interview Stacy Keibler (the model, actress, wrestler and dancer). When I asked her how she deals with the pressure for body perfection in our culture, she said, "Every day that I can, I exercise, eat healthy and meditate. I do it for myself and my overall health. Staying true to myself and knowing what is best for my body helps me to stay on track and not compare myself to others. Everyone is different. We have different lifestyles, different metabolisms, even different food allergies.  What diet works for one person may not work for another. So figuring what works best for you and makes you feel happiest while truly being healthy is the key. Don’t compare yourself to others if you know you are healthy and you love yourself the way you are :)"

She got it. Spot on. And hopefully in reading this, some more of us will get the message, too. Listen to your body and your soul. It always knows best. And it’s true: you’re perfect just the way you are – so love yourself just the way you are, too!

To see the rest of my interview with Stacy Keibler, click here!

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