21 Signs You Need To Make A Life Change

Written by Alice Nicholls

I've found that the only way for a person to bring positive change to her life is if she makes the ultimate decision to do so. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom before they realize that the only person responsible for their fulfillment is themselves; that said, many are able to make huge, lasting change in their lives simply by making small tweaks over a long period of time.

Fortunately, life is designed to be long, and once we begin to awaken a new sense of connectedness within ourselves there's rarely any turning back. We just need to get you started. So, for those who shy away from making a move into a more nourishing life, or aren't even aware yet that a change needs to be made, read the list below to see how many of the signs you need to shake things up apply to you. Any more than five and it may well be time to do some inner work.

1. Every Sunday afternoon you feel anxious about the next day at work.

2. Small things bother you.

3. Everyone else is "doing it wrong."

4. You see pictures of other peoples holidays and it makes you jealous.

5. You get angry when someone tells you that you need to chill out.

6. You frequently put yourself down and point out your flaws out to others.

7. You dwell on conversations and meetings you had in the past.

8. You still feel bitter about previous encounters with other people in your life.

9. You find yourself hanging for a drink of alcohol at the end of the day to wipe the stress of your life away.

10. You wish away your weeks waiting for an event or a time in the future, such as a holiday.

11. You can't sit still.

12. You're constantly aggravated by people at work.

13. You have many expectations of people in your life, and they aren't being met.

14. You speak about giving back to the community, but haven't done anything about it.

15. You compare yourself to everyone else around you.

16. You feel tired as soon as you wake up each day.

17. You feel like your dreams are only that and tell yourself to get used to the level you're on.

18. You're scared that you're going to be alone forever.

19. You feel like you constantly have a tightness laced across your chest.

20. You find yourself talking behind the backs of friends, picking holes in their successes.

21. You wonder, "Is this it?"

If a lot of these apply to you, congratulations! You can now start some loving work with yourself to get reach a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. Ideally, connecting more with your inner self is going to be a great place to start.

It can be very easy to imagine that everything that feels "wrong" in your life is the cause of someone or something else. Instead, try viewing life as if it's calling you to stand up and take notice. Rather than focusing on the external people and events in your life, move to a better understanding of yourself through mindfulness, meditation or even a simple gratitude practice or journaling. Make a conscious choice every hour of every day to be a light in whatever situation you find yourself in, and to move toward life with love.

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