Laird Hamilton's 4 Awesome Foods You Might Not Know About

We here at MBG are big fans of surfer Laird Hamilton and his book, Force of Nature, which has earned a spot on our MBG Bookshelf.

Laird is in incredible shape and his diet plays a huge role. As detailed in Force of Nature, here are four "Awesome Foods You Might Not Know About":

1. Quinoa

Pronounced "KEE-no-ah," it's considered a grain but is a complete protein, so it has all nine essential amino acids.

2. Kombucha

A sweetened black tea that's been fermented using bacterial culture. If you shop at Whole Foods Market, you've probably seen an entire cooler-full.

3. Hemp milk

It won't get you high (yes, it's the same hemp plant that marijuana comes from), but it's a "superior alternative to milk," according to Laird.

4. Agave Nectar

A natural sweetener with a low glycemic index, so your body doesn't process it like sugar-and its flavor is 75% stronger than sugar's.

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