7 Chakra-Balancing Affirmations For Greater Financial Abundance

Chakras are energy centers located along the front line of your body. There are seven major chakras with each one governing different aspects of our being. For example, the crown chakra is the center for trust, while the throat chakra is the center for confidence and the heart chakra is the center for love. When the chakra system comes into greater balance all aspects of your life can transform and heal.

For today, I’d like to share with you seven chakra balancing affirmations to help heal our relationship to money and assist each of us in creating greater financial abundance.

1. To balance your crown chakra:

"I trust that life is working with me to manifest what I need."

The crown chakra is the center for trust. Fill yourself with a feeling of trust. Trust that you never work alone. Trust that life is on your side. Trust that there is a force of life that is working with you to manifest what you need.

2. To balance your third eye chakra:

"I am wise in relationship to money. I spend, save and invest wisely."

The third eye is the center for wisdom. Allow your third eye to guide you in wise decision making in relationship to money.

3. To balance your throat chakra:

"I am confident."

The throat chakra is the center for confidence. For today, practice embodying a deeper confidence in yourself and a deeper confidence that there's a force of life working with you to manifest what you need.

4. To balance your heart chakra:

"I am loving and generous with my money."

The heart chakra is the center for love and generosity. For today, practice embodying a loving and generous nature in regards to money, remembering that what we give out comes back multiplied. (You always want to couple the generosity of the heart with the wisdom of the third eye, however, so that you give in a wise and in a balanced way.)

5. To balance your solar plexus chakra:

"I am deeply appreciative of all that I have."

The solar plexus is the center for appreciation. What we appreciate grows. And so, for today, practice embodying an even deeper appreciation for all that you have.

6. To balance your sacral chakra:

"I am balanced. I give and I receive with ease."

The sacral chakra is the center for balance. When we are in a full balance, we are equally comfortable both giving and receiving. For today, open to give and open to receive.

7. For your root chakra:

"I am disciplined. I attend to my mind, body, and spirit."

The base chakra is the center for discipline. When we attend to our mind, body, and spirit every day, we create a strong foundation which helps all of the other chakras come into greater balance and helps us to actualize our full potential in all aspects of our life.

And there you have it, seven chakra balancing affirmations to help you heal your relationship to money! Work with them everyday for the next 30 days and be aware of how they impact you and affect the world around you. Good luck!

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